Why Aptify is the leading membership management software for large organizations

Does this sound familiar: You’re looking for software to manage your large membership-based organization. But your processes are complex, and they continue to evolve. And you find that your organization’s needs don’t fit neatly inside the typical membership management software box.

So, how do you find membership management software that works for your large, complex organization? Consider Aptify.

Aptify is built on an enterprise-level development platform for organizations like yours. It offers deep and broad membership management functionality out of the box, and also allows you to substantially configure and tailor the system to your unique needs.

Five ways Aptify supports large, complex membership organizations

Aptify comes with the baseline membership management functionality your organization needs.

Aptify comes with 21 out-of-the-box applications. That means you get an enterprise-level solution with the foundational membership management functionality large associations need – from customer relationship management and e-business to accounting and inventory management.

Aptify is highly customizable to meet your complex and changing processes and dues structures.

As your membership processes expand and dues structures become more complex, it’s important to have a membership management platform that can adapt to your specific needs. Aptify is built on a powerful platform with a full set of developer tools built into the framework.

The flexible platform allows for easy changes and upgrades, increasing the speed of development for configurations and new applications — helping your IT team work more efficiently to meet your organization’s growing demands for application configuration and development.

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Aptify won’t “break” your customizations after each product upgrade.

One of the headaches that can come along with software customizations is that they often break when the product is upgraded. But the Aptify AMS architecture allows for configurations of every business application on the platform while maintaining compatibility with future versions of Aptify.

Aptify preserves your organization’s configurations and custom plugins and components, which means your IT team doesn’t have to rebuild the system every time your organization needs to add a configuration or perform an upgrade.

Aptify is easy for non-technical staff to use.

You want a highly flexible system that you can tailor to meet your organization’s needs. But it shouldn’t be so complex that your non-technical staff can’t use it – then they’ll just turn to your IT team for help with things they should be able to do themselves, such as run reports.

Aptify makes it easy to run reports, create dashboards, and manage member data so your staff doesn’t need IT assistance just to manage processes and access the data they need each day. That means your non-technical staff can work more efficiently while your IT team can stay focused on ensuring your systems support your complex business processes.

Aptify is a single system to help your entire staff work faster and smarter.

Too often, large organizations end up with multiple, disparate systems to store data and manage processes. This can lead to wasted time as your staff has to track down and compile information from multiple systems just to manage day-to-day processes and understand what’s happening with the organization.

With Aptify, not only is your member data in one place, but your organization also has a single system to manage day-to-day tasks. Plus, reports and dashboards within the system make it easy to view key organizational metrics each day. These reports give your team easy access to the business insights needed to make quick, informed decisions.

Discover the leading membership management solution for your large organization.

Aptify is built for large membership-based organizations like yours. It’s a configurable, flexible membership management platform that fits the way your organization works.

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