Why Aptify is the leading membership management software for large organizations

It’s time for new membership management software for your organization, but how do you find the right fit for your large association or labor union? 

Here’s why Aptify is an ideal software solution for large, complex membership-based organizations like yours. 

Does this sound familiar: You’re reevaluating your membership software for your large membership-based organization. But your processes are complex, and they continue to evolve. And you find that your organization’s needs don’t fit neatly inside the typical membership management software box. 

How can your organization accomplish more with the right technology ecosystem?

So, how do you find membership management software that works for your large, complex organization? Consider Aptify by Community Brands. 

Aptify is built on an enterprise-level development platform for large associations and unions. It offers deep and broad membership management functionality out of the box. Plus, it allows you to substantially configure and tailor the system to your unique needs. 

Here are some of the top ways that Aptify supports large, complex membership organizations: 

Aptify offers security, scalability, and performance.

Aptify is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, which provides the enhanced data security and governance, powerful scalability, and optimal performance that large organizations need. 

Aptify comes with the membership management functionality your organization needs. 

Aptify comes with multiple modules. That means you get an enterprise-level solution with the foundational membership management functionality large associations need – from customer relationship management and e-business to accounting and inventory management.

It even includes advanced membership management capabilities, such as member engagement scoring functionality, which allows you to automatically score members based on key performance indicators and then schedule automations and actions based on the scores. This functionality helps you to increase member engagement and interact with members in different ways based on their levels of engagement. 

Aptify also offers advanced APIs that allow you to easily integrate it with other applications while keeping your member data centrally located in Aptify. 

Aptify is highly configurable to meet your complex and changing processes and dues structures. 

As your membership processes expand and dues structures become more complex, it’s important to have a membership management platform that can adapt to your needs. Aptify is built on a powerful platform with a full set of developer tools built into the framework.

The flexible platform allows for easy changes and upgrades, increasing the speed of development for configurations and new applications — helping your IT team work more efficiently to meet your organization’s growing demands for application configuration and development. 

Aptify also comes with 1TB of document storage to free up your database and maintain system performance.   

Aptify won’t “break” your customizations after each product upgrade.

One of the headaches that can come along with software customizations is that they can break when the product is upgraded. But the Aptify AMS architecture allows for configurations of every business application on the platform while maintaining compatibility with future versions of Aptify. 

Aptify preserves your organization’s configurations and custom plugins and components, which means your IT team doesn’t have to rebuild the system every time your organization needs to add a configuration or perform an upgrade. 

Aptify is easy for non-technical staff to use. 

You want a highly flexible system that you can tailor to meet your organization’s needs. But it shouldn’t be so complex that your non-technical staff can’t use it – then they’ll just turn to your IT team for help with things they should be able to do themselves, such as run reports.

Aptify makes it easy to run reports, create dashboards, and manage member data so your staff doesn’t need IT assistance just to manage processes and access the data they need each day. That means your non-technical staff can work more efficiently while your IT team can stay focused on ensuring your systems support your complex business processes. 

Aptify includes powerful search capabilities that allow you to search for data across the entire database – giving you the information you need, when you need it. 

Aptify is a single system to help your entire staff work faster and smarter. 

Too often, large organizations end up with multiple, disparate systems to store data and manage processes. This can lead to wasted time as your staff has to track down and compile information just to manage day-to-day processes and understand what’s happening with the organization. 

Aptify helps your entire staff work more efficiently. With Aptify, not only is your member data in one place, but your organization also has a single system to manage day-to-day tasks. Plus, Aptify’s drag-and-drop process flow editor allows you to easily automate processes. For example:  

  • With Aptify’s membership management functionality, you can streamline the membership renewal process by automating renewal notices.
  • Aptify’s case management functionality allows you to automate processes related to issues such as requests for service, support cases, and incoming complaints.
  • Aptify’s event manager allows you to trigger specific workflows or business logic on the creation, update, or delete of any data object.
  • Aptify allows you to automatically move records to the dashboard of the appropriate person on your team based on their role in a workflow process.

Aptify gives you greater insights for smarter business decisions.

Aptify’s business intelligence tools let you to view, report on, and interact with data in real time. You can use hundreds of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, many of which allow you to drill down into each piece of data directly from the dashboard for more details. 

So, instead of spending time tracking down and compiling information from multiple systems to understand what’s happening with your organization, your staff can easily view key organizational metrics each day. These reports give you the business insights you need at your fingertips to help you make quick, informed decisions that drive your organization forward. 

You also have the option to integrate Aptify with Nucleus by Community Brands, the first data analytics solution developed specifically for associations. It gives your staff, leadership, members, and board the advanced reports, dashboards, and engagement scoring capabilities needed for more informed business decisions.

Aptify supports global organizations 

If your organization operates internationally, or if you plan to expand internationally, Aptify is ready to support you. Aptify’s international capabilities include:

  • Multi-currency features – Aptify supports the use of distinct primary currencies for any contact or product within the system.
  • Multi-language capabilities – With Aptify, you have the option to display database information in a variety of languages and dialects.
  • Unicode characters – Aptify recognizes and correctly displays international characters, including accents, umlauts, and foreign language characters.
  • Multi-time zone support – Aptify has extensive experience in implementing and maintaining multi-time zone support for internal staff users and external member users. 

Aptify is a reliable partner. 

For more than 25 years, Aptify has been a trusted provider of membership management software for large associations and unions. 

Learn more 

As you consider new membership management software, keep in mind that Aptify is built for large membership-based organizations like yours. Discover more about how Aptify gives you the right technology solutions to put staff productivity into overdrive and amplify your organization’s impact. Read the guide, Super-charge Your Member-based Organization with the Right Technology Stack: 8 integrated software applications that amplify the impact of large associations and unions. 

How can your organization accomplish more with the right technology ecosystem?

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