The Xperience your membership-based organization won’t want to miss

Read on to learn about highlights from the Xperience 2023 customer conference and what to expect from the event in 2024. 

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If your large association, union, or other membership-based organization is looking for new membership management software, consider this: One of the great things about being an Aptify customer is the strong community and resources available to help ensure customer success. 

Take the Xperience customer conference, for example.  

Xperience highlights 

This year, Xperience took place on August 29 – 30 in Washington, D.C., and focused on product features and roadmaps for the Community Brands family of association management software (AMS), including Aptify. Aptify customer attendees experienced interactive training sessions, product roadmap sessions, networking opportunities, and more. Session topics included:

Aptify at Xperience 2023

Aptify training at Xperience. Photo courtesy of Tim Ward.

  • Aptify state-of-the-business and roadmap
  • Aptify developer training 
  • Tips and tricks to easily onboard staff to Aptify 
  • Optimizing reports and data analytics in Aptify  
  • Improving member retention and revenue using Aptify 

The Innovation Awards 

Xperience is also an ideal chance to highlight customers who are working with the Aptify team to develop innovative solutions for specific business challenges and to inspire other customers to do even more with Aptify. This year’s Innovation Award winners are:  

  • Parenteral Drug Association – This organization wanted to improve the process of on-site event purchases, which required multiple steps and often caused delays when members did not have ID/password ready for website login. The solution: They worked with the Aptify team to create a wizard that collects order numbers, email addresses, and expiration dates. It sends an email to the member that includes a link to a custom payment site with the order pre-populated.
  • Professional Engineers Ontario – This organization needed to manage a growing volume of attachments in Aptify, which consumed valuable storage space and slowed system performance. The solution: They worked with the Aptify team to integrate Aptify with SharePoint to enhance file management. Attachments added in Aptify now immediately synchronize with a SharePoint Folder. After synchronization, the Aptify file is deleted and replaced with a direct SharePoint link so that users can click on the link in Aptify to seamlessly access the file in SharePoint.

Aptify committees 

Xperience is also a great time for Aptify customer committee members to meet in person. While participation in these committees takes little time for customers (one hour per month), they help to foster initiatives for the Aptify user community, share knowledge among Aptify users, provide product feedback to the Aptify product development team, and much more. Committees include:  

  • Leadership – Provide feedback on upcoming community events and develop new ideas for community and committee engagement  
  • Engagement and Learning – Foster and implement initiatives for the entire user community  
  • Product Advisory Collaboration – Create and improve the process by which product enhancements are recommended by community members and foster a strong working relationship between the user community and the Aptify product development team  
  • Developer Round Table – Share knowledge and network with Aptify users and developers 

Get ready for Xperience 2024

Be prepared to mark your calendar for Xperience in Fall 2024 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more details coming soon, and enjoy this sneak peek of what you can expect at next year’s event. Watch now: 



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