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Digital Evolution Study Reveal


Buyer’s Guide to Finding New Membership Software for Large Organizations


Data Management Guide

Digital Evolution Study Reveal

Join this webinar for a look at findings from the study plus recommendations on how to use the study’s data to more effectively employ technology to better serve your members.

Gaining Board Approval for Technology Budget

As your organization grows and your programs advance, it may be time to look at new technology to support your evolving needs. This guide will prepare you to speak confidently and intelligently to your board about why it’s time to invest in new technology.

Member Engagement Study

Member engagement is crucial. Not everyone’s talking about it, but they should be. This study sets out to align organization strategies with what matters most to members.

The Lifetime Member Journey

The Community Brands integrated software suite drives personalized and engaging experiences for members every time they interact with the association throughout their careers. Check out how each solution propels members through their journey.

Non Dues Revenue Guide

Our teams at Community Brands have assembled ten of the best sources of non-dues revenue to consider for your association. Download this whitepaper for all 10 ideas.

Business Case Template

Make sure you’re providing the right information to key decision makers and stakeholders when you make your presentation during the vendor selection process.

Composite Engagement Score Calculation

Composite Engagement Score (CES) is a unique and powerful way to measure engagement. These are the five most important elements that have the biggest impact on what’s going to move the needle for the organization.

The Big Data eBook

You have tons of data stored in your membership management system – but what do you do with it? How can you use it to make great decision? Download this ebook to find out.

RFP Infographic

The RFP Infographic provides you with the right steps to take, from beginning your search to narrowing down your final membership software vendors.

RFP Template and Matrix

If you’re looking to implement new member software, this template offers the help you need to get started with your membership software process.

Digital Member Study

Is your organization prepared to meet the rising technology expectations of members? Uncover the findings from this study and learn how your association can rise to the occasion.

Understanding GDPR

Better understand GDPR, the impact it will have on your organization, and how Community Brands is working towards compliance.

Let’s talk about GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is dramatically altering the definition of privacy and personal data. How can associations prepare and adhere to these changes? Join Community Brands for a panel discussion on the most important issues and questions that associations are facing with GDPR.