CHA frees up internal IT staff time for mission-critical work with Aptify


As leaders of the nation’s largest group of nonprofit healthcare providers, with more than 45,000 records in its membership database, Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) needed a reliable association management system (AMS) that was flexible enough to keep up with members’ ever changing needs, wants, and priorities. 

 The primary goal was to track information more accurately and in real time so it could be used to make informed business decisions. Operationally, CHA needed a system that could manage the following data and functions: 


CHA wanted an AMS that met its functional requirements, was flexible enough to allow CHA’s in-house IT team to easily configure the solution to the organization’s specific needs, and also offered a hosted solution so CHA’s IT team did not have to support hardware, databases, and applications.


CHA chose Aptify’s AMS with Aptify Cloud Hosting for a reliable and flexible system that also includes access to a team of seasoned database administrators and infrastructure engineers trained in the Aptify solution.


CHA has a configurable, flexible membership management platform that frees its IT team from managing the back end of the system so the team can focus on the end-user experience and develop unique configurations to better serve CHA’s members.

CHA chose Aptify for the significant flexibility of its AMS, which is made possible by Aptify’s highly configurable platform. Since Aptify Cloud Hosting handles the hardware, databases, and applications behind the scenes, CHA’s in-house IT team is available to develop unique CHA configurations to better serve its members.

About Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA)

Founded in 1915, CHA supports the Catholic Health Ministry’s commitment to improve the health of communities and create quality and compassionate health care that works for everyone. The Catholic Health Ministry is the nation’s largest group of not-for-profit health care providers, employing more than 750,000 women and men who provide health care services that combine advanced technology with the Catholic caring tradition.

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