The Aptify Community

Connect with Aptify’s membership management software community.

When you invest in a software product to manage your membership-based organization, it helps to have a strong community of people to share information and ideas. At Aptify, we have a reliable support team, an active user community, and multiple ways to share information and keep our customers informed.

Connect with industry leaders to take your organization to the next level.

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Great Aptify Meetups

Ask and answer questions, share experiences and information, and give feedback to the Aptify team at “Great Aptify Meetups”. One of the best parts of the Meetups is the Aptify Innovation Awards where our customers can configure their instances to do the coolest things.

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User conferences

Take advantage of our user conferences. Like most leading technology providers, we hold these conferences to provide training, share innovations, and offer networking opportunities for our customers.

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Aptify Connect

Explore our virtual community where users can connect and share ideas. Aptify Connect is also one way the Aptify team communicates about events, committee meetings, and product notifications.

Aptify committees

Join our monthly committee meetings where Aptify customers can engage with the Aptify Community.

Committees include:

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Product Advisory Collaboration Committee (PACT)

The purpose of this committee is to create and improve the process by which enhancements are recommended by community members and to foster a strong, working relationship between the user community and the Aptify product development team.

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Engagement and Learning Committee

This committee fosters and implements initiatives for the Aptify user community by elevating the Aptify experience; advancing the Aptify community through collaboration and innovation; learning from each other; producing content for events and conferences; and recognizing interesting use cases, solutions, and innovations.

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Developer Roundtable and Eurasian Team Huddles

We hold monthly virtual meetings with our developers and the Aptify product team to learn about what’s coming next, share best practices with other industry leaders, and build connections.

Aptify customers

Powerful growth happens with strong communities.

Learn how to join the Aptify Community.

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