Aptify international capabilities

Get the multi-lingual, multi-currency, and other features your membership-based organization needs to operate globally.

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Serving the world’s largest, international member-based organizations.

Let Aptify support your association or union with the membership management features you need – no matter where you operate. Aptify serves more than 50 international associations on three continents and has a deep expertise in multi-lingual set-up, as well as implementation of global currency, taxes, and merchant accounts.

Go the distance with key international capabilities.

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Unicode characters

Aptify’s database recognizes and correctly displays international Unicode characters, including accents, umlauts, and foreign language characters.

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Multi-language capabilities

Aptify allows you to choose the option to display database information in a variety of languages and dialects that suit your needs.

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Multi-currency features

Aptify supports the use of distinct primary currencies for any contact or product within the system – something you won’t find in most membership management software.

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Multi-time zone support

Aptify has extensive experience in implementing and maintaining multi-time zone support – for both internal staff users and external member users.

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International organizations have more strict data privacy policies.

Protect your member data.

Learn more about how Aptify and Community Brands handles GDPR compliance and data protection.

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Featured blog post

Top 5 reasons international associations choose Aptify.

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See Aptify in action to learn more about powerful membership management software for large organizations.

Expand your organization’s global reach.

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