How the Aptify community sets customers up for success

Aptify customers have a strong community behind their membership management software. Here’s how the Aptify user community and Aptify teams work together to keep customers informed and share information. 

When you invest in membership management software for your organization, it’s important to know that there’s a strong community of people and resources behind it to help ensure you succeed.   

At Aptify, a strong and vibrant user community connects with each other throughout the year to ask and answer questions, share experiences and information, and give feedback to the Aptify team. Recently, the group met through an Aptify Town Hall, a virtual meeting for Aptify customers.   

The meeting included presentations from the Aptify team, who provided updates to Aptify customers on topics including:  

  • What’s available in Aptify 7.1, including new functionality and usability enhancements.
  • A first-hand account of how the Law Society of Ireland, an Aptify customer, is using the Nucleus data analytics solution by Community Brands with Aptify for greater insights into their membership data. Aptify now leverages Nucleus data analytics for advanced reports, dashboards, and engagement scoring capabilities. Customers can choose to add additional,Nucleus on Aptify customized Nucleus reports and dashboards to fit their unique needs and goals.
  • An update on committees that customers can join, including Engagement and Learning, Product Advisory Collaboration, and Developer Roundtable.
  • Details about the Aptify product roadmap and training sessions at the upcoming Community Brands Xperience Essentials 2023 customer conference in August 2023. 

At the Town Hall, customers also learned about features in the Aptify community site which is accessible from the Aptify Customer Support website. (The Aptify Customer Support website is a convenient way for customers to keep informed about what’s going on at Aptify and stay connected with the Aptify community. It includes links for customers to file support tickets, view documentation, sign up for training, find information about products and services via the Aptify Marketplace, connect with the Aptify community, and more.)   

Through the Aptify community site, Aptify customers can: 

  • Easily stay up to date on what’s happening with Aptify customer committees 
  • Post questions to the Aptify community 
  • View and participate in product discussions 
  • Share suggestions with the Aptify product team, see other customers’ suggestions, and vote on suggestions 


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The Aptify user community has multiple ways to connect throughout the year; ask and answer questions; share ideas, information, and resources; and give feedback to the Aptify team.

If you’re not an Aptify customer yet: Learn more about why large associations and unions turn to Aptify for solutions to help them manage their organizations and how you can join the Aptify community.    

If you’re already an Aptify customer, be sure to register for Xperience Essentials 2023 to gain more insights and ideas about how to make the most of Aptify for your organization.

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