3 scary things that might be hiding in your member data

Don’t wait for these spooky data threats to creep up on your membership-based organization. Learn how to take charge and keep the danger away. 

As a large membership-based organization, your association or union collects a lot of member data. And while it’s extremely valuable, did you know that inside your member data, there might be some scary things lurking in the dark? 

But don’t be frightened! Here are three spooky data threats and how you can avoid them: 

1. Security and privacy issues

This is a menacing presence that introduces risk to your organization. Failure to protect your member data can make your organization non-compliant with data security and privacy laws and guidelines. It can also break down members’ trust in your organization, which can lead to member retention problems.trick-or-treat pumpkin

You can avoid these issues by using the right membership management software, which will support your cybersecurity efforts and help you to enforce data security and privacy best practices.

For example, Aptify membership management software by Community Brands:

  • Includes comprehensive functionality to help your organization manage member data in one place – That means you’ll have fewer places to worry about when it comes to securing access to your data and ensuring your organization’s data practices are consistent and compliant.  
  • Gives you a strong security foundation – Its cloud-native architecture is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, which provides enhanced data security and governance that large organizations need to ward off the things that go “bump” in the night. The Azure platform allows Aptify to provide:   data security shield with bats and jack-o-lantern
    • Built-in cloud governance capabilities that help ensure your organization meets global data regulation requirements
    • Cloud-native network security and monitoring that protects the data and performance of your applications and network
    • Confidential computing that protects your data and code while the data is in use in the cloud
    • Cost-effective backup and disaster recovery that minimizes disruptions to your organization  
  • Supports data security best practices – For example, Aptify helps to ensure your staff and members are creating strong passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication for all log-ins. Role-based access helps to ensure that individuals have access to only the data they need to do their jobs.
  • Offers an extra layer of protection – Aptify offers Advanced Threat Protection and Fraud Prevention as an optional security offering. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), this security service is a specialized web monitoring tool that provides real-time protection against the danger of bots and denial of service issues, helps your organization to comply with privacy laws, and offers 99.99 percent accuracy. 

Learn more about how the right membership management software can support and improve your organization’s data security efforts.

Read The IT Guide to Data Security for Large Associations and Unions 

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