Putting membership data to work is easier with Nucleus data analytics

Large associations and other member-based organizations sit on a powerful asset: vast amounts of membership data. Insights from this data can help your entire organization make more informed decisions, streamline your operations, anticipate future organizational and member needs, and deliver a better overall member experience.  

But you must be able to put your data to use.  

What it takes to get more from your membership data 

Getting more from your membership data requires several capabilities, including: 

  • Bringing together data from various sources in your organization on an ongoing basis into a complete set of data  
  • Delivering role-based views of that data to all departments across your organization 
  • Making it easy to explore and gain insights from data  

Your organization can get more out of your membership data by providing leadership and staff in each department with data visualizations that can help people across your organization – from membership, events, and marketing professionals to executives – gain new insights into the functional areas they oversee. This approach helps your entire organization become more data-driven, with the power to make more informed decisions that quickly deliver a return on investment.   

Nucleus data analytics solution for organizations using Aptify

The Nucleus data analytics solution for associations by Community Brands is available with Aptify membership management software systems by Community Brands, making it easier than ever for large associations and other member-based organizations to make better use of the massive amounts of data they collect.

Aptify is built for large associations and unions. It’s a configurable, flexible membership management platform that fits the way your organization works. Learn more about why Aptify is the ideal membership management software for large member-based organizations: Request a demo.

The capabilities in Nucleus help your organization realize the benefits of being data-driven, including the ability to:

  • Spot changes and trends, so you can anticipate needs and adjust your approach to various challenges as needed 
  • Make more informed business decisions with greater confidence 
  • Monitor progress toward goals   

Nucleus can take in data from any technology system your organization might have (such as your membership management software, marketing automation tools, events management software, learning/certification software, online community, etc.), store it in a modern data repository, and process it to deliver staff, leadership, chapters, members, and boards with insights in the form of tailored dashboards for each functional area of the organization, including: 

  • Membership 
  • Marketing   
  • Events   
  • Learning management   
  • Fundraising   
  • Advocacy    

The 2023 Association Trends Study indicates that increasing membership and improving membership retention are top priorities for association professionals. The Nucleus Membership Dashboard can be particularly helpful for driving positive results in these areas.  

For example, using the Nucleus Membership Dashboard, you can gain insights such as: 

  • Which membership tiers receive the least number of joins so that you can re-evaluate the value of each membership type and add value to those types that are most likely to lapse  
  • Retention by member type so that you can create personalized campaigns for members who are at-risk of non-renewal
  • How members change tiers so that you can design targeted campaigns to drive members to the best tier to increase dues revenue from new and renewing members 

Nucleus includes features for everyone across your organization, including:

  • A data glossary that helps everyone understand the definition and formulas behind various data points 
  • The ability to view, filter, sort, and download detail-level data for every chart
    The ability to set and track progress for organizational and departmental goals 
  • The ability for your organization to set role-based controls to manage access to sensitive data  

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