How to find the best union software to help your staff work more efficiently

Your choice of membership management software can make a big difference in your staff’s efficiency. 

Here’s what to look for in membership software for your labor union organization. Woman with 4 arms holding devices.

Industry research suggests that professional membership organizations are working harder these days. So, if you’re feeling overworked at your labor union, you aren’t alone. But how can you address the extra workload? 

You might not think that your choice of membership management software can make a difference in your staff’s efficiency, but it can. 

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How the right union software can help your organization save time and increase efficiency 

Using disparate tools or software with poor functionality for unions will only slow you down. Using the right membership management software will provide you with process automation and a single system for your member data to keep you running efficiently.  

With the right tools, everyone in your organization – from local volunteers to national leadership – can access the data they need, when they need it, from any device. For example, here are five ways that Aptify by Community Brands can help your labor union organization work more efficiently: 

1. Centralized data Using multiple, disparate systems to store data and manage processes can waste time, as your staff must track down and compile information from multiple systems just to manage daily processes.

With Aptify, you can capture and track member and financial information in a single database, so you always have access to a complete and accurate view of vital data. Plus, Aptify’s powerful search functionality allows your team to search for member information across the entire database. The result: Your entire organization works more efficiently by using one access point to all of your member data.

2. Streamlined processes Aptify includes 21 applications with functionality for your entire organization. So not only is your member data in one place, but your organization also has a single system to manage tasks – from billing and dues processing to grievance management – so your staff can spend more time providing valuable member support.

In addition to the efficiency of using one system to manage operations, Aptify’s drag-and-drop process flow editor allows you to easily automate processes. This helps you free up staff time for higher value work.

3. Efficient reportingAptify lets you view, report on, and interact with data in real time. You can use more than 250 built-in reports and dashboards, many of which allow you to drill down into each piece of data directly from the dashboard for more details.

So, instead of spending time pulling together information from multiple systems, you can quickly view key organizational metrics each day. These reports give you the business insights you need at your fingertips to help you make faster, more informed decisions that drive your organization forward.

4. Easy-to-use system You don’t have to be an IT pro (or ask your IT team for help) to manage tasks and access the data you need. With Aptify, even non-technical staff can run reports, create dashboards, and manage member data.

5. Mobile access Aptify helps you find and organize members from the office or the field. The Aptify mobile app gives you quick access to the information and analytics you need, when you need it. 

Five more reasons that unions love Aptify membership management software

In addition to helping organizations work more efficiently, Aptify specifically helps unions because: woman sitting with even scales

  1. The software platform is configurable based on individual union’s needs.
  2. It includes accounting and dues processing capabilities built for unions.
  3. Local/affiliate management is easy with self-service capabilities.
  4. Grievance management tracks the entire cycle through a workflow to completion.
  5. It provides functionality for end-to-end event and convention management including budgeting, logistics, marketing, registration, and more.  

Aptify for unions in the real world

The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) represents and advocates for more than 61,000 pilots at 34 U.S. and Canadian airlines, making it the world’s largest airline pilot union. In partnership with Aptify, ALPA provides solutions that allow its staff to work more efficiently and members to more easily access membership benefits and participate in union-sponsored programs: 

  • With the help of Aptify, ALPA automated processes to synchronize employment records, reconcile monthly dues bills, and provide accurate and timely bills.
  • Working with Aptify, ALPA developed a customized solution to streamline the process around union-sponsored insurance products.

Here’s how they adjusted the program:

  • Made it easier to maintain the plan participation record
  • Created a premium calculation tool based on plan logic and member characteristics
  • Automated the update process to adjust the policy based on available discounts and changes in participant eligibility
  • Created a daily sync of information from Aptify to the third-party member insurance portal to provide the most current information to users
  • In the past, ALPA staff members had to submit requests to the IT department to develop the reports and data they needed – frequently resulting in delayed responses to member inquiries. Today, staff can easily and quickly develop reports that allow them to respond to information requests in a fraction of the time. 

 Find out more about how Aptify helped ALPA: Read their story. 

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Aptify is built for union organizations like yours. It’s a configurable, flexible membership management platform that fits the way your organization works. Learn more about why Aptify is the ideal union software to manage your members: Explore Aptify 

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