Membership Software for Labor Unions 

Connecting members and union leaders live never before.

There's a New Way to Connect to Your Members

Finding, engaging, and organizing your members has never been more vitally important than it is now. Aptify’s membership software is so much more than a database—it’s the way you connect with your members, show them how you’re working for them, and move them to action.

From local/affiliate management to dues processing to event organizing, you’ll have the tools you need to predict where your new members will come from, who’s most active in your union, and how to keep them informed and mobilized.

Streamlined processes

From local access and dues processing to grievance management and organizing, our 21 out-of-the-box applications work with one another seamlessly, so your staff can too.

Accurate & reliable data

apture and track member and financial information in a single database—or easily integrate Aptify with your favorite third parties—so you never lose vital data.

Solidly mobile

Find and organize your members from the office or the field. With the Aptify Mobile App, you’ll have quick mobile access to the information and analytics you need, right when you need it.

Take Control of Your Membership Database

Accounting & dues processing

Manage dues, orders, invoices, products, packages, and general ledgers. All data is exportable to any major third-party accounting software package.

Local / affiliate management

Track an unlimited number of locals while handling both the internal requirements for tracking locals and components as well as web self-service needs of affiliate officers and members.


Grievance management

Track the entire cycle of grievance receipt through resolution in an integrated, workflow-oriented environment.

Event & convention management

Manage the full lifecycle of large and small events through the software, including planning, logistics, marketing, budgeting, and registration.

Enhance convenience, connectivity, communication, and collaboration.

Intuitive technology to support today’s processes. 

Intuitive technology to support today’s processes, coupled with the flexibility to adapt to change in the future.

See how Aptify association management software puts you in control.

For IT Professionals

You’re seeking technology that brings accurate data to all areas of your association and can support modern processes now and in the future.


Database management


For Membership

You’re looking for a single source of member data that you can leverage to attract, maintain, and grow a thriving membership.


Membership software


For Finance

You’re looking for a cost-effective solution to manage the data you need to make actionable insights for your organization.


The beauty of Aptify is that the technology makes a view so easily. I think that’s what separates it from the competition.

Hassana Howe

Parenteral Drug Association

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