How Aptify can help your labor union attract the next generation of members

Here are some simple ways union leaders can attract the younger generations.

You might not think that your choice of membership management software can impact your labor union’s ability to attract the next generation of members. But it can.

Historically, unionization rates in the U.S. have dropped. At the same time, some sources suggest that younger generations might be more open to labor unions than generations before.

Regardless of the current trends, attracting the next generation of members is critically important for keeping your union strong for years to come.

Here are three ways that Aptify by Community Brands helps you attract younger members to, and engage them with, your labor union:

Providing a member-facing portal.

Members – especially those of younger generations – expect to be able to interact with organizations online. To help you provide them with a modern experience, Aptify includes e-business capabilities, so you can allow members to do things like manage payments, orders, and preferences; participate in discussion forums; and answer polls and surveys through a member-facing portal.

Aptify e-business capabilities also allow you to enable chapter self-service. Chapters can pull reports and access content through the online portal, making them more self-sufficient and better able to run local member recruitment campaigns.

Offering mobile access.

Offering a convenient mobile experience is a must-do these days for effective member engagement. Younger generations simply expect it. Mobile web traffic has consistently accounted for about half of all global web traffic since early 2017. And it only continues to grow.

The Digital Evolution Study by Community Brands shows that members are tied to their mobile devices. However, the same study found that mobile technology is an area in which members and professional member organizations alike give their organizations the lowest ratings. There’s also a big gap between member services offered on desktop versus what’s also offered on mobile devices.

To attract younger members today and prepare your union for the future, Aptify makes it easy for you to close this gap by allowing members to engage with your organization from their mobile devices.

The mobile experience is for your staff, too. For example, with Aptify, your staff can find and organize members from the office or the field, with quick access to the information and analytics they need, when they need it.

Delivering greater member value.

With the fast pace of digital communications today, workflow automation is more important than ever for delivering a great member experience. With workflow automation technology, you can work more efficiently by setting up business rules that automatically route data and files between people and systems.

By choosing membership management software like Aptify, you can easily manage and automate processes – from billing and dues processing to grievance management – so your staff can spend more time providing the valuable support your members expect – no matter how member expectations evolve in the future.

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Aptify is built to help large membership-based organizations like yours attract, engage, and support members. It’s a configurable, flexible membership management platform that fits the way your organization works today and grows with you as your organization evolves to meet the needs of the next generations.

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