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e-Business that Puts You and Your Members in Control

A business suite driven by speed, performance, and functionality to connect your members to your data.

Web tools to improve your members’ experience

Our e-Business suite includes controls, widgets, and tools to connect your member data to your website. Built with a focus on members, we have a tool to suit your e-commerce and member needs. Need a tool that isn’t listed? Our user community can provide you with tools created for the user community by the user community. 

Out-of-the-box applications

No extra cost, no extra installation. e-Business is one of our 21 out-of-the-box applications (and six add-on modules) that work together harmoniously. Drop Aptify e-Business controls directly into your website for complete integration with the other Aptify apps. 

So Much More Than Your Garden Variety
e-Commerce Tools

With 23 years of membership experience built in, we’ve got all your member and e-commerce needs covered in one set of tools.

Responsive design

Aptify e-Business is built for mobile first, and can be viewed reliably on every device from big to small.

A web experience your members deserve

Your website shouldn’t be stuck in the past. Your members are savvy online shoppers, and Aptify’s e-Business suite offers them the online experience they are used to with shopping cart, search, and product review features.


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Built for speed

Don’t lose members to slow load times. Aptify e-Business’ lean design means you can say goodbye to endless loading screens and hello to a fast and sleek user experience.

Register for events & attend classes

Aptify e-Business has all the tools you need to sell the most complex or the simplest events and education offerings. Face-to-face, online, or a combination of both, our e-Business tools, supported by the power of Aptify, can handle it!

Bring your own CMS

We know you’re already using your favorite content management system for your website. Our e-Business tools are built to be used in any CMS to link your Aptify member data straight to the web.

Member self-service

Let your members interact the way they want with e-Business self-service tools. We’ve added member profile updates, member auto-renewal, and much more, so your members can drive their own membership journey.
With the new system in place, the ADA’s e-commerce system has flourished, it has integrated e-commerce with our call center and database to improve the overall customer experience Toni Mark

Chief Technology Officer, American Dental Association

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