Your website is the most popular way your members interact with your association. More than ever your members expect a high level of performance, technology, and speed, and the newest version of Aptify eBusiness delivers.

Check out some of my favorite new features.

Find out how you can upgrade to the newest version of Aptify eBusiness.

Product Reviews

Aptify’s eBusiness Suite now includes a tool to allow your members and customers to leave reviews for the products and services you sell through your website. Let customers who have purchased your product sing its praises and new customers to get first-hand information about your amazing offerings.

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Smart Product Catalog Search icon-1971133_1280.png

We live in a digital era where saying “Hey Siri” or “Okay Google” are synonymous with the way we find information and how we become informed, and the new eBusiness suite is no different. Meet Smart Search. Search across product categories via name and description and even have products recommended to you based on various criteria. Never miss an opportunity for your members to find what they’re looking for again.

Quick Log In 

There’s no need to interrupt your members during their shopping experience with new quick log in functionality. Website visitors can view and add items to their carts with the click of a button without logging in. They will be prompted to log in should they go to check out, but will not navigate away—a simple form slides in from the side and then magically fades away on login. It’s seamless and easy shopping for your members. 

Meeting and Event Registration

We take the stress out of online event registration so you can focus on other things. eBusiness now provides a more efficient way for members to register themselves and their peers for multi-day and multi-session events. Save time and effort on your end and make things easier for your guests. online-sales-2108028_1280.jpg

Member Auto-renewal

Looking to increase your recurring member revenue? Now members can opt-in to auto-renew their membership through your website using the new eBusiness Suite tools. This feature was widely requested by the Aptify User Community and breaks another barrier to easy membership renewal.

But Wait, There’s More

There is so much more in the new version. Learn more about how to upgrade to the new eBusiness suite with Aptify’s Client Success Team.

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