The Great Aptify Meetup: Keeping Aptify customers informed and connected

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When you make an investment in membership management software, it helps to have a strong community of people behind it. 

Here’s how the Aptify user community and Aptify teams work together to stay informed and share information.

When you invest in a software product to manage your membership-based organization, it helps to have a strong community of people behind it who work together to share information and ideas. At Aptify, we have an active user community that works with the Aptify team to do just that.  

The Aptify user community connects with each other throughout the year to ask and answer questions, share experiences and information, and give feedback to the Aptify team. Recently, the group scheduled the Great Aptify Meetup, a virtual event for Aptify customers.  

The event was a day of online presentations from the Aptify team, giving Aptify customers updates and answering questions about topics including: Benefits of 7.0

  • The latest features and enhancements available in Aptify 7.0 
  • How Aptify is making the product upgrade process faster 
  • What’s on the roadmap for Aptify product updates 
  • What resources are available for the Aptify user community 

Here’s a closer look at what was covered in the Great Aptify Meetup: 

Aptify 7.0 highlights

Aptify Product Manager Stefanie Lowe stepped through key features and enhancements available in Aptify 7.0, the latest release of the product. Highlights include: 

  • A new serverless architecture
  • Microsoft Azure cloud-enabled security, governance, scalability, and performance enhancements
  • New e-Business features 
  • Advanced data analytics through an in-app integration with Nucleus by Community Brands, the first data analytics solution designed specifically for associations 

Product upgrade process 

Aptify Operations and Program Director Chana Lewis, Technical Solutions Manager Waqar Ahmed, and R&D Director Doug Kirby reviewed the new process Aptify is using to make product upgrades smoother and faster for customers. They provided details of the optional Aptify service-led upgrade process, which includes multiple steps to ensure optimized product upgrades. 

Aptify product roadmap People climbing mountains

Stefanie Lowe joined Aptify Technical Solutions Architect Javi Garcia to give customers a sneak peek at what’s coming in the Aptify product, including integration with HubSpot. They also polled customers to find out what future integrations they would like to have in Aptify.

The “buzz” in the Aptify community

Aptify Leadership Committee Chairperson Eugene Ryser, from Aptify client The Association of Washington Cities, kicked off a series of updates from Aptify team members who presented on a range of topics including: 

  • An overview of current Aptify team members 
  • An introduction to the new Aptify Customer Support website, which includes convenient links for customers to file support tickets, view documentation, sign up for training, find information about products and services via the Aptify Marketplace, connect with the Aptify community, and more
  • A summary of the many ways for customers to stay informed on what’s going on at Aptify 

Aptify Happy HourFinally, we closed-out the day with a virtual happy hour where we were able to network and talk about some more of the cool things we are doing. It was a great day of connecting and knowledge sharing. We are so grateful for everyone who joined us!

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If you’re already an Aptify customer, you can view recordings of presentations from the Great Aptify Meetup using your Aptify Connect login.


Not an Aptify customer yet? Contact us to learn more about why large associations and labor unions turn to Aptify for solutions to help them manage their organizations.  


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