5 ways an online career center helps grow revenue for your membership-based organization

When you need new ways to drive revenue, look to an online career center.

Here are five ways an online career center can help you grow revenue for your membership-based organization.

Whether your large organization is an association, a union, or another member-based organization, you need powerful ways to drive revenue. Here’s one you might not have considered: Offering an online career center.

An online career center might just sound like a nice-to-have member benefit. But it can be so much more than that – especially when it comes to generating revenue.


Here are five ways an online career center can grow revenue for your membership-based organization:

1. Attract more members.

The 2022 Association Trends Study by Community Brands shows that job opportunities and career advancement are among the top five reasons that members join an organization. Those two benefits are particularly strong motivators for those who are in the early and middle stages of their careers.

These data points indicate the importance of offering a robust online career center to continually attract new members, thereby driving more membership dues revenue.

TIP: YM Careers by Community Brands offers online job board software for membership-based organizations. It helps you build a robust job board so that members can easily search and apply for job opportunities. It also makes it easy for you to provide valuable career advancement resources.

2. Retain more members.

As Community Brands has conducted association industry research over the past several years, findings continue to show that job and career advancement opportunities are among the most important benefits to members.

Offering an online career center that allows your members to easily search for job opportunities and provides members with career planning resources delivers an ongoing benefit to your members. When your members turn to your association throughout their careers for help in growing their careers, the result is improved member retention and dues revenue.

TIP: YM Careers job board software comes with Career Planning Portal, a complete toolkit of career planning resources to advance your members’ careers.

3. Attract employers.

Because your membership base represents a valuable pool of highly skilled and experienced workers, employers want to reach them. They will pay you to promote their job openings to your membership base through job postings and ads on your online job board. They’ll also pay to promote their job opportunities further through things like job alert emails to your members and placing ads for their job openings on your website or via your social media channels.

TIP: YM Careers can help you showcase your job board to employers and job seekers by building brand awareness, increasing traffic, driving engagement, and generating revenue for your organization.

4. Sell more sponsorships.Man holding large gold coin

Selling job postings for your online career center gives you a chance to develop relationships with companies that you can then invite to become sponsors and advertisers. For example, you can ask employers to sponsor your organization’s events. Also, you can add job postings to your organization’s sponsorship packages to make the packages even more appealing to potential sponsors.

5. Cross-sell.

You can take revenue growth to the next level by integrating your online career center with your membership management software so that you can cross-sell products and services. With this connection, you can do things like sending information about new job seekers (who are not yet members) from your career center to your membership management software, which you can then use for member acquisition efforts.

You can also capture member activity from the job board to member records in your membership management software for a more complete view of your members’ interactions with your organization – all in one place. With these insights, you can create more personalized content and marketing campaigns to promote products and services to your members based on their interests.

TIP: YM Careers integrates with Aptify membership management software by Community Brands to help you create a robust online career center while managing your member data and interactions in one system.

Finally, not all career centers are alike. Make sure your career center integrates with your IT ecosystem, like Aptify does with YM Careers. Here are some of the things a connected solution can do for you:

Connecting YM Careers and Aptify:
  • Single sign-on: Members can apply for jobs and manage their job seeker accounts and profiles without logging in to a separate system through single sign-on.
  • Intelligent job recommendations: Members have the opportunity to opt-in to receive intelligent job recommendations based on their member profile data, such as job title and location, giving them the ability to passively search for new career opportunities.
  • Additional stored member activity: Member activity on your job board is captured and stored within the member’s CRM record, giving you additional data and insights to drive more informed member marketing efforts.

With the right technology solutions, you can deliver these types of experiences for your members. Aptify and YM Careers integrate seamlessly. That means they work better together to help you support a complete member journey.

Learn more.

Using YM Careers, you can create a job board that’s more than just a member benefit. It’s also a revenue engine for your organization. Integrating your YM Careers online career center with Aptify membership management software gives you even more opportunities to convert non-members to members, improve member engagement, and ultimately increase revenue. Learn more about the revenue-driving power of Aptify and YM Careers with our new infographic.

See what you can get when you partner with powerhouses: Aptify and YM Careers

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