5 Reasons Why We Love the Aptify Marketplace AMP (and You Should Too)

It’s no secret that the online shopping landscape has drastically changed over the last few years. With major players such as Apple, Amazon Marketplace, Fiverr, and Etsy defining modern e-commerce, consumers have grown to expect an online experience that allows for them to search for new products in one centralized location, a seamless checkout process, and speedy delivery. 

APTIFY_Marketplace_raster_FNL.jpgFollowing the lead of industry pioneers, Aptify has created an online storefront for our user community that allows members to buy new products in the same style they’ve come to expect.

Basically, our community has asked and we’ve delivered. Here is a list of why we love the new Aptify Marketplace (AMP).

1. The Perfect Aptify Ecosystem 

One of our driving goals when setting out to create AMP was to develop a rich ecosystem that promotes collaboration through the exchange of ideas and application extensions.

Aptify Marketplace provides an unrestricted, open-nature online store that offers free or for-purchase application extensions for existing clients. Stocked with a combination of both Apify and client-developed offerings, community members will experience a simple, user-friendly online shopping experience, where they can gain direct access to solutions that have been Aptify tested, approved, and successfully implemented by other client organizations. 

2. Community Driven. Community Supported.

Whether you need to impersonate web users to solve user issues, verify thousands of email addresses, or simply check entities for duplicate records, we’ve got an extension for that (and for lots of other time-saving tasks)! Created with the community in mind, our goal with Aptify Marketplace is to help your organization choose how it would like to extend its base platform to support your evolving business needs by providing some of the top-most requested features.

3. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Who doesn’t love a good deal? With an easy-to-navigate and user-intuitive interface, save your team and organization the time and expense associated with developing and implementing a new solution to support a current need by simply choosing the extension that’s right for you and uploading it to your environment. Browse the Aptify Marketplace website to learn more about the currently available extensions. 

4. Adopt Once, Adapt Often

The beauty of Aptify Marketplace is that it allows you to choose which extensions you think may be useful for your organization. By not adding each requested feature into the main product, it helps to avoid bloating the system with features that may not be applicable to you.

shopping.png5. This Is Just the Beginning 

One of the best things about the Aptify Marketplace is that it will be driven by the participation of our community. Community members are encouraged to engage with AMP’s ongoing development by actively collaborating, sharing ideas, and highlighting innovative ways they are using the Aptify platform for their organizations. As Aptify Marketplace continues to mature, we’ll create a space where industry partners and third-party vendors can share and make readily available valuable extensions that are accessible to the larger community.

So tell us, what’s the one functionality you’re using currently at your organization that you think would make a good, reusable extension for the community?

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