The Future of Association Management – and How Aptify Will Adapt

Association management is not typically something that is thought of as especially fast-moving or agile. However in recent years, the advances in technology and data analysis for associations has started to quicken the pace of innovation and change in our industry.

This got us thinking. How will association management change over the upcoming year? More so, how will it change over the next 3-5 years? At Aptify, we love to help associations leverage the latest technology to better serve their members by staying at the forefront of association management.

Here’s what we think about the future of association management, and how we plan to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. 

What does 2017 hold for association management?

We recently asked 13 industry experts what they think 2017 has in store for association management, and how associations will have to adapt. We compiled their answers into a free eBook that you can download here. Here’s a sneak peak at what they said:

Association Management Predicitons | Maddie Grant

“Association management in 2017 will continue a burgeoning trend of organizations beginning to understand how much culture plays into the success or failure of technology implementations.”

Maddie Grant, Expert Digital Strategist and Thought Leader

Association Management Predicitons | John Mancini“2017 is the year to rethink some of our core assumptions about AMS solutions, what we expect from them, and how embedded specific processes are in those solutions.”

John Mancini, Author, Keynoter, Blogger and respected leader of the AIIM global community of information professionals

What will association management look like in 2019?

Sure, there will be changes to association management in 2017, but what about 2 years from now? What adjustments will associations have to make over the next few years to be successful? We see three main areas that associations will need to make a priority in order to see long-term success: Strategy, Technology and Execution.


Strategy is at the core of any long-term success. Associations will need to not just think about their current needs and the immediate needs of their members, but will need to think ahead to how members’ needs and interests might change.

This means staying on top of industry best practices as well as associations aligning themselves with partners and collaborators that are forward-thinking.

See how Aptify provides the strategy to implement industry best practices to maintain a growing, thriving association.


Association management has come a long way in the last decade. Association Management Systems (AMS) are now able to provide valuable data analytics to help associations to recruit, engage and retain members.

AMS systems are becoming more configurable, allowing associations a la carte options instead of having to purchase full systems. Keeping up with AMS technology will give organizations the tools they need for success.

Learn more about Aptify’s latest technology: the Aptify App Store.


No matter how much strategy and technology know-how you have, it’s all for nothing if you don’t know how to execute. Successful associations know technology and strategic guidance are irrelevant if the everyday work of running an association doesn’t get accomplished.

Associations will need to learn how to execute on the day-to-day operations that make their organization what it is, while continuing to think ahead and adjust to advancements and trends.

See how assocations have since started outsourcing components of the organization to Aptify to supplement their marketing, human resources, finance, or information technology departments.

Our Brand Promise

When we entered the market, flexible and AMS were not two things you’d find in the same sentence. We’ve set out to change this, and promise to provide flexible AMS solutions and a clear upgrade path to our associations.

Read more about our brand promises here.

What’s Next?

You may feel overwhelmed thinking about how association management will change over the next few years, and all that you will have to do to make sure your association adapts well to the changes.

But don’t worry! You can start with small steps to get your association on the path to being on the cutting edge of the industry.

Here are some helpful resources to get you started:

The Future of Association Management

3 Association Cybersecurity Questions for 2017 (Blog Post)

4 Practical Steps for Mastering Association Change Management

2017 AM Predictions

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