The Business of Support: Taking Membership Software to the Next Level

The Team at Aptify is committed to being partners for the long-term. Focused on lasting solutions, we want to be sure our clients can achieve their core mission. With this sentiment comes the Business Support Services team who are on-hand to assist with all sorts of tasks to keep your business running and take your membership software to the next level. Think of them as an extra set of hands for data entry, research, or cleansing.

You may have heard about Aptify’s new Business Support Services offering from your latest newsletter or from the community network where some Aptify clients have already had a great experience with our team, but today, I am going to tell my story and the business of support.

I started with the Aptify Australia team just over two years ago. Aptify was new to the AMS/CRM market in Australia, and my role centered around finding the size of the Australasian market and building a campaign to introduce Aptify. Although we had existing clients using the Aptify product, they had never had the Aptify experience and had been sold the product through a re-seller.

Imagine my predicament; a new challenging role, with a new product, in a new market, with new clients. It took me a while to make heads or tails of it and, luckily, it wasn’t something I had to do alone.

Do Your Research

The first thing I needed to do was research. The Australia team was still very small at this time (less than four people) and we all had to wear many hats to keep our operation running. This meant I was working solo on our outbound marketing efforts. It was at this time that I heard about the Business Support Services (BSS) Team. In their origins, they served as support internally to Aptify staff and were more than willing to assist our small operation with all the help they could.

I set up my first meeting with the team and was overwhelmed with how keen they were to assist. We had a big task ahead in finding the size of the Australian market and really honing in on what our perfect client organisation looked like. I was almost relieved that such a large task could so simply be broken apart and allocated to the team. It was at this time, I knew I had real support for the long term.

Making Time to Take Time

The Business of SupportAs the project progressed, I noticed that the BSS team were always one step ahead of me. Recommending certain research areas, using their expertise in Aptify (which I certainly didn’t have at the time) to suggest how the research project should be structured so it would translate into our database. They had taken the time to adapt and learn from the data they were collecting. 

We scheduled weekly calls to stay on top of the three-month project, making time in our schedules to ensure the results were as predicted and to change anything on the fly that needed tweaking. I also feel that during this time, the BSS Team asked a lot of questions. They had their own findings and wanted me to confirm or support what they had found (but now I suspect these questions were just to make me feel I was part of the project they were now running themselves!).

Final Results

As the project concluded and the Australia office had a better understanding of our own market, we were thrilled with what we were able to report. Through the recommendation of the BSS Team this became an ongoing project (the market never stays the same) that is still being updated to this day. The BSS continue to support Aptify Australia in research, reporting, database cleansing/entry and event areas.

F.A.I.R. Values

The final flourish for the BSS Team is that they exemplify the Aptify Core Values: Flexible, Accountable, Innovative and Responsive. I appreciate this about the team as their cultural alignment with that of Australia, the US, and Ireland makes them seamless to work with. Sharing and demonstrating the Core Values of our organisation makes them instantly feel like an extention to the family, and I applaud them for staying so consistent in such a important time in the Australian office’s growth.

If you have’t already thought of a million things our BSS Team could help your association with, visit the BSS page and make contact with the team, they are sure to find a solution to whatever your business needs.

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