The Aptify Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

Angie Karpouzis

April 11, 2017

    The new Aptify Mobile App has been a really exciting addition to the Aptify software family and I have been thrilled about the great response it has received from the user community. But, like anything new (and cool), it’s not without its questions. I’ve collecting all of the frequently asked questions that the Product Team are getting weekly.

    So, let’s jump into your most frequently asked questions about the latest app from Aptify.

    The Aptify Mobile App is awesome, does it come free with the latest upgrade?

    The Aptify Mobile App is completely free for all Aptify Users. It does not require the latest version of Aptify or the use of Aptify Web to be accessible, but it’s only compatible with Aptify versions 5.5.4 and up.

    How do I install the Aptify Mobile App?

    You can visit the Apple Store and download the app here.

    Aptify Web services do need to be running to utilize the app. If you are on Aptify 5.5.4, there is a backend install needed for the app to run. Please contact the support team and they can help you through the process.

    Will the mobile app have all the features and customizations that are available in the client?  

    The Aptify Mobile App currently has mobile focused features like mobile dashboards, voice search, and quick contact logs. Over time, more features will be available on the app.

    Why can’t I get the mobile app on the Google Play Store?

    The mobile app is currently only available in an Apple iOS version. We’re planning to have the Android version available in the Google Play Store by the end of Q3.

    I’d like to see more features, is there a sandbox environment I can access?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a testing app available for this purpose. If you would like to see the full set of features in the app, please watch our release video presented by Client Success Manager Ben Lee and Product Manager Ajaypal Singh. Alternatively, you can reach out to your Client Success Manager for a full demonstration.

    Want to have quick mobile access to the information you need right when you need it? Download the app today!

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