Sponsored Post: The Hidden Value of AMS – LMS Integration

One of the greatest challenges facing associations, specifically, those involved in IT, is the seamless integration between the AMS and complementary systems such as a Learning Management System.  Like any relationship between two entities, there is greater chance of success when both are able to work collaboratively and seamlessly together.

In the case of AMS – LMS integration, when it’s done well it can go completely unnoticed by a learner. It is, if you will, the “unsung hero” of participant engagement. Though the benefits of integration are not necessarily seen, they are very much felt. For example, CommPartners’ Elevate LMS was designed to capitalize on this relationship and provide the user a relevant and meaningful experience. 

elevate_lms.pngPersonalization – Cutting Through the Noise

If a learner is signed in with appropriate credentials to Aptify, they are signed into the LMS. Integration allows for seamless movement with the proper access and credentials. This means users will be greeted by name and will be provided designated content, pages, rates and their history; all keyed on their member record.

Relevancy – Building a Unique Experience

Through integration, specific content is presented to learners based on their member-role, position, location, etc. Integration also allows an admin to display specific pricing based on the user’s role (ex. member v. non-member, student, faculty, seniors).   Authentication provides for an added level of security and privacy.  Relevant content can be created to display specifically to a user group, or limited to a specific role or status.   Additionally, every user has a home dashboard, which allows him/her to easily track work within the LMS.

Simplicity:  Steps required to register or purchase a course or webinar are streamlined down to a few clicks. A dashboard provides a single location where all of the participant’s activity is stored and accessed. Getting authenticated for live events is simple.

hero-integration-cloud.pngReporting – Made Easy

AMS – LMS integration provides the opportunity for valuable reporting of information.  Being able to report results back to the AMS (Aptify) allows the host organization to better support its community and gain an understanding of what learning opportunities to develop in the future.   

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