Sneak Peek: 5 of Our Favorite Features in the New Aptify Release

Based on your stories, recommendations, and requests, our team has been hard at work taking the Aptify system to an even higher level. The full details won’t be unveiled until the offical product launch this March, but we’re so excited by what’s coming that we couldn’t help but give you a sneak peek a few weeks early.

Before we get to some of our favorite new features, make sure to save you spot in the February 28 community webinar, where you’ll be able to see the upgrade in action.

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Here are 5 of our favorite features in the new release:

1. Unique Summary Forms

Summary forms are a great way to gain insight and top-level information from records with a simple glance (and without having to open them). However, it can be complex deciding what that top-level summary information should be for your association and how it can suit all your users. To save the debate between departments, we’ve introduced unique summary forms for user groups. Now marketing, membership, and accounting teams can have their own unique summary form so, depending on your function, you’ll always have the right information with the click of a button.

2. Aptify Outlook Add-In

Take back the time in your calendar with the new Aptify Outlook Add-In. Combining both email and contact log functionality just makes sense, and with our new Outlook Add-In you can push a sent email to become a person or company contact log in one click. You can also use our new Add-In to search and open Aptify records straight from Outlook, meaning no lost time between tasks.
 Aptify Outlook Integration

3. Country Native Forms

Working with members in different countries? We are happy to introduce new country native forms. Address forms on both Company and Persons records will now transform based on the country the user inputs. No more fitting addresses into one country-specific form. 


4. Next Level Performance

That’s right, this new release is faster in performance and processing than the previous version of Aptify. You asked for speed and processing power, and we have delivered. Our software and coding is now leaner and more efficient than ever, meaning less time loading screens and more time achieving your mission. 

Voice Search Gif.gif5. Aptify Mobile App

The Aptify Mobile App combines the performance and innovation of Aptify with the ability to work from anywhere. It’s 100% compatiable with the new version so your staff can be working mobile with the click of a button. Also—and this is what we love the most—it’s free in the App Store now!

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