Should I Stay or Should I Go? Switching to New Membership Software

Every membership software system that is currently out there caters to a different audience, and each one provides different capabilities, depending on what your organization needs. Bottom line though, AMS software should make your job easier because it’s providing you with the tools to get your work done efficiently. Change membership softwareIt also is instrumental role in fulfilling your organization’s mission. Switching AMS software is a big decision, and often, certain standouts will convince an organization to make the switch. Sometimes even just word-of-mouth can be helpful in an organization’s search for a new AMS.

Most organizations reach a point where they must make the important decision of whether they want to upgrade their current system or transition to a new membership system entirely. It’s not always easy decision to make, but when your current system isn’t allowing you to do your job in the most efficient way possible, then it’s something worth considering. 

This was an experience that the American Alliance of Museums had faced.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

Change membership softwareAAM had been using their old system for more than a decade and realized that it was time for an upgrade. However, as they looked further into upgrading, they soon realized that it would be costly and time-consuming due to the number of customized features they had built.

They had a crucial decision to make. 

Do they go with the costly upgrade and risk further customization of their system?

Or do staff members look for a new software where they can start fresh?

Download the case study to learn how the team at AAM decided that switching to a new AMS software would ultimately help them streamline their business processes more.

Read the Case Study

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