Select the Right AMS Software to Increase Member Engagement

Is your association experiencing churn in membership or in the workforce? Are you trying to improve your marketing efforts and increase participation in your association’s mission and purpose? The right software can boost both employee morale and membership passion for your goals and mission—making a stronger organization ready for the years to come. Here’s how your AMS can help improve member engagement.

Track and Measure Member Engagement

You simply cannot improve what you cannot measure. Association management systems are designed to track the engagement of your members in all of your various activities and campaigns, including membership renewals and increases in enrollment, interaction with your organization in social media, and responses to your email marketing and other campaigns. The software can also track the success of your events, both virtual (podcasts and webinars) and live (from regular meetings to special seminars and training sessions).

Build a Community to Generate a Sense of Belonging and Purpose

One of the strongest suits of AMS software is the ability to build a strong, active, and growing community of members. By supporting online forums and other communities and groups, the software gives you visibility into what drives your members to engage and what isn’t working so well. The best solutions employ relevancy engines to feed users content most suitable for them based on past behavior, increasing opportunities for interaction and dialog. All this generates data in the AMS that can be used for anything from encouraging membership renewals to determining strategic content and outreach.

Revamp Event Management for Better Event Attendance and Enjoyment

Membership engagement

Successful events begin with good event management, and an AMS empowers event management from registration to sending reminders and announcements.

Having trouble getting members to sign up for your events, or to show up after they sign up? Software can help with the entire process, from registration through payment, to reminders for those who’ve signed up when the event draws near. Generate excitement by promoting the speakers and letting members know who else is planning to attend.

Make It Easier Than Ever to Renew and Keep Up with Membership Dues

AMS software can streamline the process of renewing and paying dues. Because a fast and simple process is not burdensome for members, it is less likely that they will opt out instead of going through the process of re-enrolling. You can send friendly, helpful reminders when memberships are nearing their end, and issue attractive incentives to re-enroll and continue participation.

Renew Staff Passion and They Will Rejuvenate the Membership Base

Excitement breeds excitement. When you empower your staff with the tools to get things done easier, faster, and more efficiently, you renew their passion for your cause. That passion will naturally bleed over into their interactions with your members. Excitement is contagious—once you’ve renewed the vigor of your employees, they will help push the desire for new members to join and old members to renew their commitment to your association.

Scoring Member Engagement

increase member engagement

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