Quick Tips for Assembling Your Goals and Plans for 2016

Does your association have a strategic plan when it comes to generating member and stakeholder engagement in 2016? If you haven’t thought about this already—having just created the first of many drafts of the Aptify Australasia Strategic Marketing Plan for 2016—I have some tips that will lead you down the right path.

Utilise your whole wheelhouse and pick your communication channels wisely

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the multiple channels of communications open between your association and your members. To tweet or not to tweet; that is the question? But really, remember to think wisely about what channels you will use and what messages this sends to members and potential members.

It is not necessary to use every channel of communication available to you, but be sure when you are choosing which channels to use, you keep your target market in mind. This infographic by Socialcast.com might help you decide as you get into the groove and select your channels (BTW, I found this on Pinterest–another channel that might work for you!).

Make your goals SMART

What gets measured, gets done. Be sure your goals for 2016 are written in stone and you have a plan to keep yourself and your team accountable to reaching them. A good rule of thumb is to remember that your goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Spend some time this year discussing what this means to your association and what challenges this may bring up for your team.

Map out your activities: find the gap and fill it 

This should work in parallel with the section above. Decide what you will be doing next year, quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month, and week-by-week. How can you achieve these things with your current team? How can you afford to do this with your current budget? Find the gap and think about how you will fill it. If you don’t measure the impact of your marketing activities now, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Big Data: your member data tells a story

What narrative are your members following? Same goes for potential members: who are they? Where do they get their information? What about your membership is valuable to them? How can you present them with this information?

For example, here’s how The Institute of Public Accountants are celebrating their member’s multi-culturalism and successes. Are you? 


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