Making the Most of Virtual Engagement with Your Association’s Members

Jennifer Fuller

October 27, 2020

    A recent association industry study by Community Brands uncovered some interesting insights around virtual engagement:

    • A majority of members of professional membership organizations who were surveyed in the study say they’re engaging online with their organization and expect to continue.
    • Members who have become more involved this year (39 percent) say they have done so because their organization is offering more online resources.
    • Even Members who used to engage more or entirely in person now say they will be moving toward a balance of in-person and virtual engagement.

    So, how can you make the most of virtual engagement with your association’s members? Here are two ideas:

    Make sure your next virtual event is a hit.
    These days, you might find that virtual events are a must-do for helping to replace lost revenue and member engagement from cancelled events. To make sure your next virtual event is a success, be sure to:

    • Build a solid plan with specific goals, a clear definition of the experience you want to provide, and a complete timeline with key milestones.
    • Develop valuable content that includes topics that are timely and popular in your industry and that are presented by well-known and/or highly rated industry speakers.
    • Engage attendees by using event technology that supports interaction and networking in the online experience.

    Evaluate your programs and benefits to determine what new virtual offerings you might provide. 
    Remember that while you might have moved your annual conference to a virtual conference in 2020, it’s still important to engage members in a variety of year-round learning opportunities to address members’ budgets, schedules, educational and certification needs, and learning preferences. For example, take time to review your training and certification programs to see what new virtual offerings you might provide. Also, make sure your online career center goes beyond just posting jobs to offer a wealth of career advancement opportunities and resources for your members, which can be especially helpful when the economy is in flux.

    Learn more.
    These are just some of the ways to provide more of what members want. Join the upcoming webinar, The Big Reveal: 2020 Association Trends Report on October 28, 2020 at 11:30am ET and learn more about the findings from our recent industry study and how they can help you serve your members better. This is a CAE-credit webinar. Find out more and RSVP now

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