How to Send Onboarding Emails that Make Your Association’s New Members Feel Welcome Right Away

Your membership recruitment efforts worked! You have new members. Now it’s time to get them on board.

In any relationship, the first interactions make a lasting impression. It’s the same with new members to your association. That’s why member onboarding is so important.

Here are some tips for creating member onboarding emails that make new members feel connected with your organization and set the stage for a relationship that will last for years to come:

Start simply.

Sending too much information right away can be a turnoff. Start by thanking new members for their membership. Then, send them a few short emails that let them know what communications to expect, where to go for information, and how to take advantage of their new member benefits.

Here are some examples of content to include in your email series:

  • Remind them of the benefits they will now receive as a member of your association.
  • Notify them of important dates, such as your annual conference or the upcoming release of industry research.
  • Let them know what communications you’ll be sending them, such as your member newsletter, and how often they’ll receive those communications.
  • Direct them to online resources, such as your calendar of events, career center, and online learning courses. Be sure to give them instructions about how to log in and how to set up user profiles.
  • Make sure they know who to contact at your organization or where to go online if they have questions or would like to give feedback about their member experience.

Be clear.

If you need new members to do something, be sure to state clearly what you need them to do and why. For example, if you need new members to complete an online member profile or set up communications preferences:

  • Send them an email communication about that specific action.
  • Give them a link and ask them exactly what you need them to do.
  • Let them know why you’re asking them to take the action. (For example, “Setting up your communications preferences will ensure we send you information the way you want to receive it, so you won’t miss an update or a member benefit.”)

Be personal.

Personalize the member experience whenever you can. For example, mention why the member joined or how the member has engaged with your organization so far, and present content specific to the member’s needs and interests. Showing you understand your new members and that you’re working to deliver value to them will go a long way toward winning them over.

Invite them to join in.

Get new members involved right away by asking them to get involved with your organization and connect with other members. For example, include a note in your in your onboarding emails that lets members know about upcoming networking opportunities. Also, include a footer with details on how to stay in contact with your organization, such as customer support contact information and social media icons.

The first interactions with your association set the tone for how your new members perceive your organization. Make sure your members love their membership right away, and you’ll keep them around for years to come.

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