Training frequency is a fine balance. Too much training and not enough action means that students can’t put into practice what they have learned. Not enough training and staff struggle to use internal systems that you rely on to get business done!

It can be hard to pre-empt when your staff will need training. Look out for these three signs that indicate training should be on the horizon.

When is Training Time?When Staff Need to Learn a New Skill

There will be times in your organization when staff are required to learn a new skill or take their existing skills to the next level. This may be because of a business process change, they are a new staff member, or perhaps you are asking staff to increase their performance levels. Whatever the reason, learning a new skill will be a change for your staff and employing external trainers to complete this work can take the stress out of the change management required.

If you need assistance is determining the skill gaps of your staff the Western Australian Government have a Training Needs Analysis toolkit available online.

When Use of the System is Low

A sign that staff are growing restless using internal systems and require new training is when system use is low. When you know team members are doing tasks manually rather than using the internal systems they are either not sure of how to complete the steps to complete the task or feel their way is better. Both of these responses are problematic as they lead to distrust and frustration with internal systems that should be there to make employee’s work easier. At best, you can count on some pretty frustrated staff, at worst staff are moving away from a centralized internal system making more work for all involved.

When you notice a downturn in the internal use of systems, be sure you book in training pronto, you want to remind your staff how easy and efficient the existing software is, or you want to identify the problem and solve it by having staff trained in a more efficient way to complete the task.

When Staff Request it

For the most part, your staff will be pretty forthcoming on when and what training they would like to complete. Staff who volunteer for training should be rewarded for wanting to grow and improve in their roles.

Staff don’t request training? Give them some kind of incentive (other than growing their resumes and careers). Give staff KPIs for the training they need to compete each quarter, give them time away from their busy jobs to complete training that will improve their work and confidence in your organization.

Here at Aptify, we offer Subscription Training for your staff, so you can have training booked all year round tailored to your organization’s needs.

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