How to Create a Kick-Ass Inbound Marketing Team

association marketingSo you’ve embraced inbound marketing. You get it. Attract, convert, close, delight. Right? Maybe you’re even applying it to your organization. But have you considered reorganizing your team as well? Now’s the time to build a next gen marketing team. Let’s do it. What does the modern marketing team look like?

Well, if you understand the inbound marketing methodology…maybe it’s time your team looks just like it.

I started at Aptify about eight weeks ago. It was a blank canvas and it was time to take my inbound chops to the next level. My boss was asking me…What is your team going to do? How are you going to accomplish our big goals for 2016? Time to step up, Dave.

I did some research and found an excellent webinar and presentation by Mike Volpe when he was with Hubspot. I did some R&D…you know, Ripoff & Duplicate…and added some of my own spice. In the end the team resembles the marketing funnel itself. Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel and Bottom of the Funnel…or…ToFu, MoFu and BoFu. More importantly, the team is focused on outcomes and is driven by metrics. Check out our new Marketing Team structure below.  

So Team ToFu (Attract) is responsible for creating helpful, buyer persona-focused content that drives traffic to our web properties. Blog articles, webinars, ebooks, and SEO are her best friends. Metrics include:

  • Website visits
  • New contacts
  • Blog subscribers

MoFu (Convert) is in charge of converting and nurturing those visitors through landing pages, forms and workflows…from visitor to customer. MoFu owns the marketing pipeline. Lead scoring and marketing automation are his friends. Learn more about conversion. Metrics include:

  • Visitor-to-lead conversion %
  • Lead-to-MQL conversion % (MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead)
  • MQL-to-SQL conversion % (SQL = Sales Qualified Lead)
  • SQL-to-Customer conversion %

BoFu (Close) is essentially product marketing and we’ll focus on product content and sales enablement. BoFu is the bridge between product management and sales. Case studies, sales collateral and messaging/persuasion are her best friends. Metrics include:

  • SQL-to-Customer conversion %
  • % sales selling various features

We’ll track our metrics daily, weekly and monthly. If you ask me how many people you’ll need to implement this. I’ll say…One. Three. Five. Twenty. How big is your team? So what do you think? Does this make sense?

This post was originally published on the Inbound MarTech blog on January 17, 2016.


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