How a Marketing Manifesto Can Reignite Your Association Marketing

Like it or not, our favorite brands can say quite a bit about our values and beliefs. It becomes something that you identify with, get excited about, and connects you more to the company.

That’s where a marketing manifesto can play a big role in better connecting with your members (and prospective members). Think of it like a content vehicle for reaching them on a deeper level, and it can also serve as a useful resource within your organization.

Associations, specifically your membership and marketing team, can benefit from writing a marketing manifesto. It’s more focused and specific than your association’s mission statement, but it still aligns with your organization’s overall mission and purpose. A manifesto requires you and your team to really think about your reasons for promoting and boosting association membership the way that you do and the values that drive your team. It can also give you cohesiveness to the message you are trying to portray to your membership and prospects.

Our marketing team has a manifesto that we strive to follow. Here are some of our principles that you might want to incorporate into your manifesto!

The following is an excerpt from Dave Martin’s blog post “How Writing a Manifesto Can Spark Your Association Marketing Results” from the Aptify blog.

1) Outputs, not outcomes

We believe our value is measured by our outcomes, not our outputs. That is, the results matter, not how many pieces of content we generate.

2) Self-disruption

We disrupt our ideas and our work. We adopt the mindset of “Always Be Learning” by consistently consuming content in all formats and applying it to our work. We are eager to try new things and new tools.

3) Be generous with our knowledge

 We don’t keep secrets and we don’t hoard information (especially since our competitors may already be giving it away). We are generous with the knowledge that we have.

4) Advise, don’t sell

Our content and messaging is advisory, not pushy and salesy. We provide helpful, useful, practical advice to prospects and clients.

5) Write better, more natural copy.


We write copy like we’re having a conversation with a friend. No more corporate, boring gobbledygook. We ask ourselves, “Would I read this? Is this interesting? Does it feel like I’m being marketed to?”

And once you have created your marketing manifesto, consider reviewing it on an annual basis and make changes as your team sees fit. Your association marketing strategy will continue to evolve as your organization, your members’ needs, and the industry you’re in changes in the years to come.

Are you sold on the idea of creating a marketing manifesto as part of your association marketing strategy? If so, take a stab at it and see where it takes your team!


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