It’s nice to have choice, isn’t it? Well, Aptify wants you to have even more options when it comes to training, so we are re-emphasizing the choices you have with our Choice Training. And the name is exactly what it is, your choice.

When it comes to training, what we really want is a choice; we want to choose to learn what is going to help us get better at our job, not be tied into a pre-set agenda with 7 out of 10 topics that have no relevance to us.

Aptify Choice Training makes it work; we meet with you to develop detailed agendas to ensure each of your attendees gets the information they need. And we have the experience – between our three trainers; over 500 classes, 2500 students, on three continents to over 75 different Aptify clients. We know this stuff! And we want to help each of you know it too! 

Where – we can come to you, at your location – your training room or you can come to our Tysons or Chicago offices.

What – we will create a Choice agenda specifically tailored to what you need training on:

  • End User
  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Upgrades
  • New features
  • Focus on basics
  • Accounting
  • Membership
  • Views & Dashboards

You name it, we will do it! 

Who – IT, Finance, End Users, Membership, Customer Service, Executives, Meetings/Events Teams, Committees or Councils.

How – One-on-one, small groups, by department, lecture hall, demos or interactive sessions. Hours, days, weeks; split up among groups, focused on one or two departments every hour/day ….whatever you need.

ContinualSubscription Training available for 6, 12, 18 days a year (with carry-over of days you do not use from year to year) and satisfaction guaranteed.

We can meet your needs on any and all things Aptify! And we guarantee you will walk out of our classes knowing much, much more about Aptify and how to make it work for you.

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