Customer Spotlight: American Dental Association and Aptify

Hear what Peter Bradley, Director of IT at American Dental Association has to say about working with Aptify association management software.

Q: When did you implement Aptify? 

A: “We went live with Aptify at the end of 2011, and then over the next few years, we rolled it out to about 48 states and 115 local societies.”

Q: How do you use Aptify for both your national and local chapters? 

A: “We are a tripartite organization, so the states and locals are their own legal entities, but we all work together from a membership standpoint and in a lot of other ways. We always had disparate systems and we tried to integrate them for years, but now with Aptify, we all share the same system, the same database, and all have access to the same data in real time. And that’s been a huge boon for working together and bringing all these different societies together.”

Q: What are some ways you use Aptify within your organization? 

A: “The first thing we did was take our call center and put it on the case management part of Aptify. At the same time, we rewrote our entire e-catalog, our ADA store online, and used Aptify for that.”

Q: What benefits have you experienced from working on Aptify? 
A: “The member management thing has been huge. We put an online dues payment portal out a few years ago. The first year we only had a couple of thousand members pay online – they never really had that capability before. But now, we get about 35 to 40 thousand pay online. Our membership of paid members is probably in the 125,000 range, so we’re getting over a third. I think that’s going to revolutionize how our members pay over the long term.”

Q: What Aptify feature could you not live without? 
A: “The one feature that we really couldn’t live without is the dues payment piece. Because we’re a tripartite structure, the states do all the billing but then they send us our portion and send the local societies their portion. The way that Aptify manages that for us, now we can see what our portion is. So, from a cashflow and budgeting standpoint, now we have more accurate numbers, and I think that’s really helped us.”

Q: Would you recommend Aptify to other associations? 

A: “I would definitely recommend Aptify to any type of association out there.”

You can view the full video featuring Peter Bradley here.
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