The CRM elements your organization needs and how Aptify delivers

Courtney Lill, Senior Marketing Manager

May 13, 2021

You probably know that your members have become accustomed to highly personalized online experiences like those from Amazon and Netflix. But, how do you keep pace with those expectations? You need to be able to track and manage relationships and interactions with all of your constituents.

You must be able to:

  • Collect and store information about your organization’s constituents
  • Track interactions with them
  • Get useful insights that help you make smarter business decisions, build stronger relationships, and ultimately provide a better member experience
  • That’s why Aptify includes enterprise-level customer relationship management (CRM) functionality.

CRM functionality in Aptify

CRM functionality in Aptify is an advanced system of collecting and tracking member and non-member information in the Aptify database. The database is relational, which means it supports one-to-many and many-to-many relationships among records in the system. You can easily track addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, preferred communication methods, job functions, contact logs, follow-up tasks, relationships, and more for each record.

Your staff can enter constituent data directly into the system and your constituents can update their own information through Aptify’s eBusiness portal. Either way, you get a complete view of any individual or company in the database in a single and easy-to-navigate location.

Your organization is unique and needs a membership solution that can keep up.

If you have struggled to find the right membership system that meets your requirements, it’s time to take a look at Aptify.

Essential elements for CRM

Aptify provides the essential elements needed for robust CRM. The elements include:

  • Contact management – So you can collect, track, and manage contacts for individuals and companies.
  • Record search – Easily search for data across the system, including contacts, files, and documents.
  • Campaign management – Create and track marketing campaigns to promote events, products, and more.
  • Lead management — Manage and keep track of sales leads and opportunities.
  • Communication tracking — Log contact with constituents, including phone calls, emails, mailed items, and meetings.
  • Case management – Manage and track customer support and help desk communications.
  • File/document management – Keep everything related to a contact in one place by attaching documents directly to a record.
  • Workflow management – Work more efficiently using drag-and-drop process automation tools.
  • Reporting and analytics — Use more than 250 out-of-the-box reports or easily generate your own dashboards for the business insights you need.

What makes Aptify CRM functionality different

Aptify provides enterprise-level CRM functionality as part of a broader membership management platform. It treats constituents in the database as they are in real life: individuals or organizations first, and members second. This means that you can collect and track data for both members and non-members, and then easily add or manage membership attributes when applicable.

Because each organization handles membership structure differently, Aptify also offers integrated membership management functionality. Aptify users can create an unlimited number of membership types and dues structures, set membership expiration dates for each type, establish pricing matrices that can be used to calculate membership dues, and bundle membership with companion products.

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