Being Bold (and Fun) with Password Complexity

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of having a million different passwords for everything. I understand that it is important for the safety of my data and for member data, but why has it got to be so hard? I’m constantly cursing the “hackers” that mean me harm and can’t help but think, can’t we all just get along?

Unlucky for me (and you) we don’t live in a perfect world and need to be weary of the criminals of the online world looking to attack our vulnerabilities. So in response, I’m at least going to make passwords fun. Here are my top 4 tips to make passwords fun again (or let’s face it, for the first time)!

Before I start my listicle, if you’re not already aware of the basics of password requirements, check out our Playbook for Password Complexity on how to create impenetrable passwords for your association.

Download Your Playbook for Password Complexity

1. Dare to Be Bold

Go on, surprise yourself and put some fun back in your password creation. You need something you are going to remember so go ahead and make it crazy so that every time you need to input it you can crack a smile. Use a phrase you love or that makes you laugh, or the punchline to a joke.

Here are some of my suggestions that you can use next time you need to update your password:

  • @llYouNeedI$L0v3
  • YD1dtheChickenXther0ad
  • 1L0veshrtshrt$

2. System Admins Run the World 

When you’re a Sys Admin, you find yourself changing passwords daily. Forgotten passwords are probably the most common association cybersecurity issue a Sys Admin can count on. So why not have a little fun with it? Next time Jane in Accounting forgets her password, be sure to change it to something fun before she has to make the automatic change herself.

Give some customer service with a smile with these beauties:

  • J@neneeds@Be++erP@ssw0rd
  • @gainJaN3?
  • J@niesg0+aGun

3. Make Password Complexity Awareness a Group Activity

You know you have an issue with password security when the whole team continues to make their universal passwords 123456 or QWERTY. So you’re faced with the task of educating your whole team on why password complexity is important. Why not enjoy it?

I suggest creating some kind of game show or bingo format for highlighting the bad passwords. Think of it as the Price Is Right or the Match Game for horrible passwords. This is fun for the team while educating them on what not to do so they can make better decisions.

4. Utilize Technology Utilize the technology available to you.jpg

Finally, and this is probably the least fun tip, utilize all the technology you have at your fingertips to create and remember your passwords.

There are multiple password generators and storage services available online, often free, for your use. The boldest thing you can do with your passwords are to keep them safe and secure.

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