Aptify gives large, complex member-based organizations like yours member management tools on an open platform that your IT/developer team can use to configure a solution that helps your entire team work more efficiently. And now, with Aptify 6.0, we’ve improved the user experience and streamlined workflows to help your organization work even smarter.

Here’s what’s coming in Aptify 6.0:

Simplified user experience and navigation

Get ready for an updated look and feel, thoughtfully crafted based on feedback from hundreds of users like you for more simplified navigation and an enhanced user experience. Updates include:

  • New web interface features provide greater parity with the desktop experience
  • Enhanced layouts make it easier to see the information you need, where you need it
  • Navigation breadcrumbs indicate exactly where you are and let you quickly jump back to a previous section
  • New Welcome dashboard displays a summary of actionable tasks, so you don’t spend time searching

Streamlined workflows

Updates to Aptify workflows help make your team more efficient, and ensure the system works even harder for you:

  • Self-closing tabs keep you focused on the task at hand
  • Temporarily “pinning” a record lets you look up something in another area and pick up right where you left off
  • One-click Add to Favorites now accessible from a record and view toolbar
  • Fewer clicks to get what you need done, such as acting directly from the Persons card

Enhanced dashboard

Aptify dashboards are designed to give you the at-a-glance insights you need to move your organization forward each day. Aptify 6.0 makes dashboards even more convenient to use:

  • Easily switch between multiple dashboards and change your default dashboard
  • Maximize and restore individual dashboard parts or edit a View Container dashboard part

Mobile App enhancements

Aptify helps you stay connected to your organization and your members, and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere, from any device. The Aptify 6.0 release enhances the Aptify Mobile app to make your on-the-go work even easier and more convenient:

  • Access our mobile app via new iPad and Android versions
  • Search for Persons, Companies, Events and Opportunities using text or voice commands
  • Create, assign, update and complete tasks on the go
  • Tailor the app to fit your needs

To learn more about the features and improvements in the Aptify 6.0 release, please visit: https://www.aptify.com/product-release-6.0-learn-more

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