It might seem like the year is coming to a close, but there is one final exciting association event to sink your teeth into the  ASAE Technology Conference and Expo 2016 (#Tech16).

ASAE TechTech16 typically closes the conference season every year, so it has a reputation of ending the year with a bang. If you’re attending this year (or still thinking about it) here are my Tech16 sessions you’d be crazy to miss.

Reboot: Women in Technology

Monday, December 12, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m

ASAE TechOkay, this one might be cheating a little bit, as it is a pre-conference session, but how could I skip it? The nonprofit industry is staffed mainly by women (almost 75%) but we only hold 45% of the leadership positions. While the nonprofit gender gap is still alive and well, it is worth asking, how can we promote more women to advance into technology roles? With technological and digital roles growing rapidly, this boom is an opportunity for our young graduates (and seasoned pros) to grow into new roles and skills while building the foundations to lower the barrier to entry for other women. 

Attend this session if: you’re passionate about closing the gender gap and interested in what women have to offer the technology sector.

Prepare for this session by: checking out the work ASAE Women’s Executive Forum present and bring to the table some ideas on how to grow roles for women in nonprofit and technology sectors.

Futurists Lab: Tap the Power and Potential of Virtual Reality

Tuesday, December 13, 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

ASAE TechIt’s okay, you can say it: Virtual Reality (VR) is freaking cool and with its growing accessibility, it could be the next step in member engagement for your association. 

Tech16 is adding to the Learning Labs this year with the Futurists Labs for all association executives who want to be on the cutting edge of technology, so VR is a great topic to start out with. This session will touch on how to access VR on a large enough scale for your company, and how it can be utilized for events, member engagement, and retention and how a small investment could mean big results.

Attend this session if: you want to learn more about VR and how you can use it to succeed in the nonprofit sector.

Prepare for this session by: downloading your own VR app to get an idea of how it works.

Innovative Mobile Application Delivery

Tuesday, December 13, 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Everyone is going mobile, but some are doing it much better than others. The American Dental Association is one of those who, by integrating digital content with specific mobile apps, brought needed data to its members and in the process increased revenue, improved the user experience, and helped bring its members cutting-edge tech.

Find out how your association can create a mobile app and how full integration with membership software can make a huge difference to your members.

Hacking for Good—Facing Cyber Threats Head On

Wednesday, December 13, 9:00 –10:00 a.m.

This closing keynote presented by Cybersecurity heroes Dr. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek who famously hacked into Jeep’s onboard control system.

This keynote will take you through how to audit your association’s architecture and systems to find and fix weak areas open to vulnerabilities. 

Attend this session if: considering the rise of cyber attacks and ransom wear, this session is a good investment for any IT Team looking to safe measure their association’s data.

Prepare for this session by: reading my blog: When was the last time you check how secure you are?

Lightning Sessions Strike the Aptify Booth

Aptify is proud to be exhibiting at Tech16 and will be hosting three lightning session during expo hall hours. 

What are Lightning Sessions? They’re 15-minute sessions designed to give you a quick dose of useful content, followed by a chance to talk with those who’ve been there and done that.

Tuesday, December 13 & Wednesday, December 14:

  • 11:30 AM Scoring Member Engagement with Ben Lee, Client Success Manager
  • 12:15 PM Cybersecurity: Stop Letting Me Crack Your Passwords with Joshua Hiller, Lead Innovation Engineer
  • 1:00 PM Implementation Behind the Scenes with Houman Adabi, Vice President of Consulting

For more information on what we have planned and to schedule a time for a quick demo or chat with our team, follow the link:
Schedule Time with the Aptify Team @ Tech

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