5 Things You Didn’t Realize New AMS Software Could Do

If your membership management software is getting a little past its prime, you’re probably wondering what new and innovative features and functionality come with the newer systems. As you would expect, mobile accessibility and user experience are top selling points, as both of these are driving all kinds of software development, including that of AMS software. Here are several things you can do with the latest and greatest solutions that probably aren’t offered with your aging system…

1. Integrate with Other Software

Data integration is huge. It’s one of the factors driving the growing focus on big data. More data means more powerful analytical capabilities, and the latest AMS software does not disappoint. The newer solutions offer integration capabilities with other critical back-end systems, including integration with finance software, CRM software, LMS (learning management software), and more.

2. Supply You with Strong Analytical & Reporting Capabilities

Of course, all of that data streaming doesn’t do much good unless the system has the analytical and reporting capabilities to benefit from it. The latest solutions are able to collect and store data from many disparate sources—including your website, social media, event management system, and more—and generate insightful reports based on the latest data. The very best of these systems also offer real-time analysis and reporting.

3. Handle Complex Pricing Structures

AMS software

The best AMS software solution will allow you to manage a wide range of pricing models, so that you can always offer your members exactly what you promised them and what they are expecting.

Most associations no longer have simple pricing structures with low-end, mid-level, and high-end pricing models. Today’s associations offer a wide range of pricing models, based on how long a member has been active, special offers and incentives, group memberships, and more. The latest AMS solutions provide the functionality to manage a wide range of pricing structures to accommodate any pricing models your association utilizes.

4. Provide Mobile Capabilities

Your staff and your members are on the go, and today’s users demand mobile access and compatibility. Today’s association software allows employees to do almost anything from a smartphone or tablet that they could do from their office using a desktop computer. The best software also provides functionality for users to access their accounts, renew memberships, participate in forum groups, and more, all from their mobile devices.

5. Fine-Tune Your Membership Segmentation

Associations now manage their membership bases in almost exactly the same way that businesses manage customers. Hence, associations have their own version of customer segmentation. Now you can use your AMS system to divide your membership base into groups, based on their common interests and behaviors.

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