5 reasons Aptify is the ideal AMS for organizations

Grace Gardner, Marketing & Lead Generation Manager, Community Brands

February 12, 2020

Learn about the capabilities your IT team needs to support your evolving organization.

Aptify association management software helps IT teams work efficiently and effectively to support large organizations with complex, evolving processes.

Your organization has a large IT team for a reason. Most likely, it’s because the organization has complex, evolving processes and you need to be able to configure and modify your technology systems to support those processes.

But to be effective, your IT team needs technology that allows it to work efficiently and effectively.

Aptify is association management software (AMS) built specifically for large, enterprise-level associations and labor unions. Its open, scalable membership management platform provides the capabilities your IT team needs as your organization evolves.

Here are five reasons Aptify is the ideal association management system for complex organizations with large IT teams.

1. Supports Rapid Application Development (RAD)

In a complex organization, growing demands for application configuration and development can overload even large IT teams. That’s why Aptify is built on a powerful RAD platform with a full set of developer tools built into the framework. The flexible platform allows for easy changes and upgrades, increasing the speed of development for configurations and new applications, and making your IT team more efficient.

2. Built on commonly used development tools

Aptify is built on development tools familiar to IT professionals, making it easier for your IT team to get the job done today and to find qualified candidates when the team is ready to expand. Specifically, Aptify is built on the Microsoft .NET developer framework, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which are used by an extensive network of millions of software developers worldwide.

3. Configurations don’t “break” in future versions of Aptify

The Aptify architecture allows for configurations of every business application on the platform while maintaining compatibility with future versions of Aptify. Aptify preserves an organization’s configurations and custom plugins and components, which means that your IT team doesn’t have to rebuild the system every time your organization needs to add a configuration or perform an upgrade.

4. Easy-to-use for non-technical staff

Aptify makes it easy to run accurate reports, create reliable dashboards, and manage member data so your organization’s staff members don’t need IT assistance to access the data they need. That means your IT team can spend less time on ad hoc requests and more time ensuring your systems support your complex business processes.

5. A full family of applications

Using disparate tools to manage your association will only slow you and your IT team down. With 21 out-of-the-box applications, Aptify offers a single enterprise-level solution that includes the membership management functionality large associations need – from customer relationship management and e-business to accounting and inventory management. Your IT team will only have to manage one system to deliver the functionality your organization needs.

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