5 Invaluable Ways to Drive Member Engagement at Your Organization

The internet makes it incredibly easy to learn new skills and to expand our knowledge in whatever area that interests us. Sites such as SkillShare, Udemy, and Craftsy are proving to be valuable sites that allow people to be lifelong learners. From learning how to be a stronger writer, to teaching yourself how to knit, to even finding out how to make the perfect thin-crust pizza, and then learning the best angles to take a food picture to share on Instagram (yes, such a class exists!), the options are limitless.

Learning opportunities is an area where your association can tap into to drive member engagement and improve member retention. One of the best ways a member can gain value out of your association is through learning and providing useful resources that help them grow professionally. By offering helpful resources that empower them to be the best in their respective fields, you’ll give your members a stronger incentive to stay engaged with your association.

Every member at your association learns and absorbs information differently. Some might prefer simply reading the latest blog post you share or watching a webinar. Others might benefit more from taking an online course or attending an event so they can speak to someone face-to-face. It’s best to provide a diverse set of learning opportunities for your members so there is something for everyone.

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Here are 5 invaluable ways your association can drive member engagement and improve member retention.

1. Share “best of” lists for your industry.

A big part of keeping members engaged is creating and distributing compelling content that your member WANTS to read and engage with. A “best of” list is a great way to provide members with value content that is industry-specific.

2. Give valuable training and education.


This is a BIG ONE. Training and education are fantastic ways to provide value to your members. Make sure you are creating top-quality resources, whether it be webinars, live events, videos or readable content.

3. Introduce new training/education programs or update current ones

that may be getting outdated.

Don’t just share information about your association, share industry information that your members will appreciate. Members will see your association as the go-to place for information about your industry.

4. Partner with other organizations to give members the training they want.


If your association doesn’t have the resources to provide members with the training they are asking for, utilize your relationships with other organizations or businesses to make that happen.

5. Add value at every step of the member journey.

This really comes down to perspective. If everything your association does is motivated by the question, “what value does this add to prospective or current members?” You’ll be able to make better decisions that are member focused. And your members will notice.

Don’t be afraid to get creative in how you offer learning opportunities to your membership. Each person learns and consumes information differently. If you keep that in mind as you develop and improve upon your educational programs, it will keep your members coming back for more because they’ll see your association as the go-to resource for excelling in their careers.

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