4 Quick Tips on Search Within Aptify

Angie Karpouzis

April 24, 2017

    If you’re like me, quick and easy searching for data is crucial to getting work done. On most days, I feel like Hansel and Gretel, just praying that I’ve left enough breadcrumbs to get me back to a record I was looking at, or a report I’ve created. I know that Favorites and the Application Menu are there for me, but I’ve left them both an unorganized mess, so search is my saving grace.

    Considering I use the Smart Search functionality in Aptify so often, I thought I’d share my 4 favorite search features, just in case you need them when you’re lost in the woods trying to find your way home.

    1) Search for anything.

    I thank the Aptify developers every day that I can search for anything using the search bar. This has saved me time finding the application I might need, opening the right dashboard, and searching from there. Now, I can just go to the Quick Search bar and find any type of record (Person, Company, Event or View) that matches my search criteria. 

    screenshot for search blog 2.png

    2) Take action from the search bar.

    Another feature I am grateful for is information in a search result. You can take action directly from a search result without even opening a record. Just searching for a phone number or an email address? These are shown in the search result where you can click to access Outlook or just cut and paste into another document.

    3) Don’t just search—create. 

    Ever clicked on the All button to narrow down your search? That alone is a great feature, but another option here is the action you can take from these applications. Click on the plus icon next to the application name and a new record of that type will open. Save time by creating a new record right from the drop down.

    Screenshot for Search blog 1.png

    4) Group by category. 

    By clicking the magnifying glass icon you can enter a longer list of search results. Here Aptify has just added new Group by Category functionality, so you can see not only the records, you view the most at the top, but also view them by record type.

    screenshot for search blog 2-1.png

    These are the top uses for search. Let me know what innovative ways you are using search in the comments below.

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