4 Mistakes to Avoid during an AMS Software Implementation

There’s so much to consider during an association’s AMS implementation that it’s easy to lose sight of the most important asset: the members. If you fail to consider your members’ ongoing needs during this vital time, not only can your membership software implementation derail, but so can all the goodwill you’ve built up with your membership over the years. Here’s how to keep your association on track—and your members happy—during the implementation process.

1. Don’t Forget the Most Critical Metrics

AMS software implementationPerhaps the most critical metric for any association to collect, track, and keep in check is member engagement. How involved your members are in your messages, activities, and special causes is a critical factor in whether or not they will choose to renew their membership when the time comes. Sure, you can keep collecting other metrics, and you should. But be sure that this metric is tracked across your AMS software and utilized in every way possible—including developing better messaging, improving events and meetings, and developing new services and programs.

Download our eBook to learn why engagement matters and how measuring it in a new way can have an immense impact on your association. 

2. Don’t Forget, It’s All About Delivering Value to Members

AMS software

Today’s members are definitely tracking the return your association is delivering on their membership dues investments. Make sure your benefits, programs, training, and other services are delivering enough value to keep them renewing their memberships and participating in your activities.

Frankly, if you aren’t delivering value, you’ll see declining memberships. Optimally, the value you deliver your members should grow each year. The metrics you track with your AMS software will let you know whether your programs are on the right track for delivering a positive ROI, or whether you have some tweaking to do to get members more actively engaged and deriving benefits from your training, conferences, community forums, and other membership perks.

3. Don’t Inundate Your Members with Emails They Consider Irrelevant

Membership software makes it extraordinarily easy to create emails, deliver those emails, and track things like open rates and follow-through rates. The problem is, it’s too easy. Are you inundating your members with lots of emails, a large percentage of which aren’t relevant to that specific member? Use your software to fine-tune your email delivery so that members only get the newsletters, announcements, and other emails that directly relate to their needs, interests, and goals.

4. Don’t Neglect the Pain Points

Every member who joins your association does so to address a specific pain point. Perhaps it’s to get the training programs you offer. Or maybe it’s outstanding networking provided through annual conferences and meetings. Whatever you do to deliver value, it has to be directly related to a specific pain point (or perhaps multiple pain points) for the members you serve. Again, your AMS software should be set up to collect the metrics that allow you to track how well you’re hitting that mark.

Along with the specific needs of members during an implementation, there are other vital elements to consider when measuring and increasing member engagement. To get started, download the Scoring Member Engagement eBook today!

Scoring Member Engagement

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