The success and longevity of your association ultimately comes to down to your members. If they are actively engaged, then you can expect your association to thrive. However, if you’re noticing the exact opposite taking place at your organization, then it’s better to identify the issue(s) and find a solution before it gets any worse. 

There are multiple ways to boost engagement among your members, but the truth is that not every tactic out there works across the board. Each association is unique, and chances are your members interact differently, so it’s important to understand their needs and interests in order to boost engagement. Here are three hacks to consider if engagement at your association seems stagnant. 

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Build an online community (if you don’t already have one)

One place you should examine is your online community. Or if you don’t have one, then it’s time to consider establishing one! Member-based organizations should never underestimate the power of online communities and the camaraderie that comes with connecting with like-minded individuals. Having an active online community can be a major driving force in boosting engagement among your members, so it’s worth the time and investment. 

Are you involved in any online communities outside your work? Maybe you’re a part of a niche group on Facebook or LinkedIn? If you are, pay attention to what that community is doing well and what might be missing. By placing yourself in the “member’s shoes,” you might observe something you couldn’t see from your typical perspective as an association professional. 

Personally, I love traveling and I want to be take more solo trips in the future. So last year, I began looking into online communities that catered to this specific niche. Now, I’m a member of several female solo traveler groups on Facebook. It’s very inspiring to be a member in these groups because even though I have never met a single person from the group in person, they’ve fostered a strong, positive, and active community that I enjoy checking frequently. Group members are encouraged to stay engaged and to feel comfortable sharing their own advice, stories, and pictures. 

Building or strengthening your online community is an excellent way to improve engagement at your association so try starting there. Having an online community will help future-proof your organization so you don’t get left behind!

Download Part 1 of the Scoring Member Engagement series and learn how to use the data living in your membership software to improve engagement among your members.

The following is an excerpt from Jennifer Barrell’s post, 5 Proven Tips for Dynamic Member Engagement,on our Aptify blog.

Engage member with valuable content engaging content.jpg

What do your members need that they can’t get elsewhere? Are they looking for solutions to critical professional problems? How about information on upcoming industry regulations? What about the latest updates on newsworthy events? Vital statistics relevant to their business? Perform a content audit to see what you have and what you might lack. Identify where those information gaps are and become the go-to source for that information. You want to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry. Engagement within your membership will rise proportionately to the value of the content and information you deliver to them.

Download Part 1 of the Scoring Member Engagement series and get started today!

Develop a strong social media presence social media.jpg

Not everyone is into social media, and that’s perfectly fine. However, there are members who want to interact with the associations they believe to be vital to the causes they are passionate about. Social media is an awesome way to get your information out to your members. Even those who don’t turn to social media as a primary source of news and information will have an easier time finding your online profiles if you are active on a few social media platforms. For those who are avid social users, nothing can boost engagement like vibrant social media pages filled with announcements, quotes from industry thought-leaders, funny industry-related memes or gifs, compelling blog posts, and intriguing images.

Asking yourself the question “how can I improve engagement among my membership” should always be top-of-mind for any member-based organization that wants to have longevity. Start with these hacks, and more than likely, you’ll uncover even better ways to take it up a notch.

If you’re wondering why, how, and to what degree a member engages with his or her association can make all the difference when it comes to growing a thriving non-profit, then look no further! Download Part 1 of the 3-part series Scoring Member Engagement and get started today. 

Scoring Member Engagement 

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