Your Guide to the New Aptify Product Launch

This week we have all joined together to celebrate and enjoy what’s new with Aptify. Here is the round up of our latest product launch and everything you need to know about Aptify 5.5.5.

Learn more about how to upgrade to the newest version of Aptify with our Client Success Team. 

End User Features

Web Design as Responsive as Your Association

Aptify now delivers flow based form template layout. That’s fancy language to say that forms are now responsive to screen size and will automatically adjust to your device. Access it the way you need to from the device you choose.

A New Outlook with the Aptify Outlook Add-in

Take back the time in your calendar with the new Aptify Outlook Add-In. Combining both email and contact log functionality just makes sense, and with our new Outlook Add-In you can push a sent email to become a person or company contact log in one click. You can also use our new Add-In to search and open records straight from Outlook, meaning no lost time between tasks.

Aptify Outlook Add-In

Shining the Spotlight on Search

Utilize our awesome Quick Search functionality from any form or record in our system. We have updated our search algorithm so that you can find records easier, faster, and with less fuss.

Persons and Search

View Review

Never struggle to find your data again. We have just updated the web functionality of our world-class reporting system and added all the features you need to report like NASA. 

Aptify 5.5.5 includes support for:

  • Copying and pasting views
  • Connecting to a shared folder
  • Deleting views
  • Proximity Search (report using location)

Losing Historical Information is History

Ever have a member change organizations? Well, now our new product is automating the process of tracking this change in company. Any Persons record associated with a Company record will now have a Company History tab. A record is created in this tab automatically every time you change the person’s company name. Never lose historical company information again.

Dashboard Confessional

Our new product includes a new Switch Dashboard button so users can switch between dashboards for fast task switching within the system. We are also introducing URL Buttons that open your desired URL in a new tab, check the website or your social media all within your Aptify Dashboard!

Switch Dashboard

I Just Want to be Your Favorite

Aptify 5.5.5 supports renaming and deleting favorites. Keep your favorite views, records, and reports at the click of a button with our improved Favorites Bar.

Country Native Forms

Working with members in different countries? We are happy to introduce new country native forms. Address forms on both Company and Persons records will now transform based on the country the user inputs. No more fitting addresses into one country-specific form.

Native Country Forms

Unique Summary Forms

Summary forms are a great way to gain insight and top-level information from records with a simple glance (and without having to open them). However, it can be complex deciding what that top-level summary information should be for your association and how it can suit all your users. To save the debate between departments, we’ve introduced unique Summary forms for user groups. Now marketing, membership, and accounting teams can have their own unique summary form so, depending on your function, you’ll always have the right information with the click of a button.

Next Level Performance

That’s right, this new release is faster in performance and processing than the previous version of our product. You asked for speed and processing power, and we have delivered. Our software and coding is now leaner and more efficient than ever, meaning less time loading screens and more time achieving your mission.

Web Interface Wizards

We are adding even more wizards and workflows to Aptify Web so you can get everything done in your browser.

Aptify 5.5.5 includes support for the following wizards in the web interface:

  • Bulk Write-Off
  • Bulk Order
  • Invoice Consolidation
  • AP Import
  • AP Export
  • Schedule Message
  • Cash Control Batch
  • Lock Box

Admin and Developer Features

Update Aptify Shell

This Aptify product launch includes changes to the web interface shell for better user experience including an icon mode for the application menu.

Launch the Configuration Migration Tool from the Aptify Desktop Interface

This includes the first official release of the Configuration Migration Tool. The tool, which is installed during the 5.5.5 database update, can be launched directly from the desktop client.

Automating Process for ePayment Capture and Scheduled Transactions Group Expansion

To support ePayment captures and the expansion of Scheduled Transactions Groups in the web interface and to automate these processes in general, this Aptify product launch includes new scheduled tasks and process flows to automate these processes using your organization’s application server.

Messaging Improvements

This new web interface supports message actions and the ability to launch your email client or the Messaging dialog from an Email field.

Record Management Improvement

Our new product’s web interface supports the following record management related features:

  • Detection/resolution of duplicate records
  • Record deletion from ELV toolbar
  • Restore record from record history
  • Ability to open a full record in a specific tab via Action button

Learn more about how to upgrade to the newest version of Aptify with our Client Success Team.

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