Tim Ward Aptify General Manager on Staff Appreciation Week


Aptify General Manager says that one of the benefits of being an Aptify customer is working with our amazing team. In this vlog Tim celebrates the team for Staff Appreciation Week.

Transcript below.

Our global Aptify community is supported by more than 170 team members in locations worldwide. This Staff Appreciation Week I would like to thank everyone on our team. I would also like to shout out just a few of our outstanding teammates and leaders.

To our long, tenured Aptify veterans who know absolutely everything about Aptify and consistently go the extra mile to help our customers succeed. Thank you.

The services team, Chana, Priti, Javi, Awesta, Ishita, Rick, Waqar, Lalit, Dipika, Ajay, Ashutosh, Sayali, and Shubhra.

Our support team, led by Seliat, Jonathan, Sean, Suraj, and Pankaj.

To our R&D team, so integral to the Aptify 7 launch, it took a global village to make this happen. A big shout out of gratitude to the leaders who got us there, Avinash Sajitha, Gaurav, Doug and Stefanie.

Thank you to our customer success manager Parineetha and our marketing team, Marie and Kathleen, for keeping our Aptify community informed and connected.

And to Max, May, and Neil on our brand and design team for making the Aptify website and content look as powerful and modern as the Aptify platform.

And thank you to our leaders in Australia, Rahul and Vaishali, who hold monthly Aptify Team Huddles with our Australian and Eurasian community.

Thank you to everyone on our team for empowering our Aptify customers, happy Staff Appreciation Week.

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