When it comes to the Aptify User Community and using Aptify Connect, our focus is you. So I’m sure you’re wondering: what’s in it for me to join the online community? Find out my top three reasons you should join Aptify Connect.

It’s not often, if ever, we get to meet in person and Aptify Connect offers us the opportunity to be in touch 24/7/365. Our user community spans across continents and is a mix of end users, administrators, developers, partners and Aptify staff. Post a question and someone will have an answer. Post a video or article and someone will find it helpful. 

Great Discussions Happening Right Now

Aptify ConnectRight now, there are dozens of active conversations happening between Aptify Users in our online community. Whether your flavor is education or development, there is definitely something that will pique your interest.

How to Get Involved:
Log into Aptify Connect and join a group. Now this group’s news and discussion topics will appear on your home feed where you can participate and get updates.

Your Aptify Archive 

Aptify Connect - PagesSpeaking of groups, be sure to join the AUC Group. This group hosts all of the AUC videos presentations and slides as well as the annual Innovation Competition presentations.

Our online community also hosts the Aptify User Community Blog archive so you can look back at all the community content that has been generated since the inception of the blog in 2016.

How to Get Involved: Log into Aptify Connect and check out pages. Pages are where archives of files and videos are kept for Groups. You can access Pages in the right sidebar of any group you have joined. 

Opportunities to Contribute and Volunteer Your Ideas

Once you are part of our online community you’ll see how many opportunities there are available to you. So when you join be sure to be on the look out for those volunteer opportunities.

How to Get Involved: Invitations for testing the new Aptify Mobile App are live now. Head over to our online community and volunteer!

What are you waiting for? Go and log in at connect.aptify.com.

Join the Conversation on Aptify Connect

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