The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Aptify Connect

The Aptify online community has experienced some big changes over the past several months, from moving our digital presence over to to the recent announcement of Aptify Connect, the new name of our community site. For those reading this who have yet to join the Aptify Community, feel free to head over to and sign up to be part of a greater association community, where you can discuss industry challenges and solutions with a wide variety of your peers.

For our valued community members who want to dive right in to Aptify Connect, we’ve created a five-step quick guide to help you get the most out of your online community.

1. Choose Your Path

Top_Stories.pngYou can sort how news updates are displayed on your main newsfeed to ”Top Stories” or “Most Recent” by clicking the small carrot icon on the top right side of your main feed. Select which option you prefer, and you’re all set!

You also have the ability to modify the frequency of how digests are delivered to your email by clicking the gear on the top task bar of your page, click digest, and then select the frequency you prefer.

2. Tell Your Story

Profile.pngYour profile is probably blank right now, which is no fun. There’s an easy way to fix that. A great way to get involved in the online community is by telling us a little about yourself. Add a photo, share your interests, and add some skills! You can add all of this information seamlessly by clicking your name at the top of your main dashboard and selecting profile. While you’re there, have some fun, and add an interesting profile banner. Feel free to check out my profile if you need some inspiration!

3. Post, Share, Comment, and Like! 

Post.pngYour profile alone is only half the big picture. To show off how much of an Apti-Star you are, you’re going to have to dive in to all that’s going on in the community! By posting, sharing, commenting, and liking content, you establish your personal profile, enrich the community site, and help keep activity going. Plus, the more active you are on the site, the more you’ll get out of, as the site will feed you news stories that are most relevant to you, depending on what you share and post. 

4. Find Everything You Need

Want to share something with a colleague you met at AUC or continue a discussion you started in last week’s committee meeting? Now you can use the Global Search feature to find other commuity members easily. You can also search to find past discussion threads, topics, and events.

5. Subscribe to a Sub-Community

Subcommittee.pngCurrent Sub-Communities are equivalent to the past website’s Discussion Forums. All of the original discussion forums that once lived on the main community site have been brought over to Therefore, if you have participated in those group discussions in the past, you are already subscribed to that forum group. If you’re new to the group, we recommend subscribing to the sub-community to gain access to all of the discussions and activities that take place there.

And there you have it, your ultimate guide to navigating Aptify Connect. There’s more to come, so keep an eye out for our next feature breakdown!

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