Personalization and data security for your association

Provide a personalized experience while keeping your member data safe. 

Your member’s expectations for personalized experience are high. But, so are their demands for data security. Here’s how to balance the two.

These days, your members expect a high level of personalization. The Community Brands Digital Evolution Study shows that 79 percent of members of professional associations say it’s very or somewhat important that their organization provide targeted, valuable content. 

The same study shows that 71 percent of members say they worry about data privacy and security. On the bright side, this concern doesn’t prevent most of them from sharing information if they feel it’s secure and/or for their benefit.  


  • 71% – Using tech makes me concerned about privacy and data security
  • 51% – I don’t read privacy policies/ how data will be used and stored
  • 56% – I am okay with tech collecting data on me if it is for my benefit and is secure 

So, how do you collect and use data to provide the personalized communications and content members want when your members also have high demands for data security? Here are three tips:  

1. Collect member data in one safe place.
To send personalized communications, you must have a place to collect and store data. Using the right AMS system puts your data in one, secure place. For example, Aptify AMS offers a single system for you to collect and manage your member data. It offers data security functionality, including:

  • Transparency into security status
  • Best practices for data security, such as multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access and tokenization for credit card payments
  • Data recovery to safeguard your data 
  • Security compliance certifications  

A NOTE ABOUT GDPR: If your association has employees, members, prospects, or customers residing in the European Union (regardless of their citizenship), you’re required to meet GDPR standards. Aptify and Community Brands have taken steps to fully comply with these regulations, and ensure association customers are ready for this data privacy regulation by providing the following resources:  

2.Make sure your members know their data is secure.
Let your members know you have data security precautions in place. Tell them how the information you collect will be used for a more personalized experience, and your members in turn are more likely to trust you with their data. That trust will then translate into a better member experience and, ultimately, greater member loyalty.

3.Put your member data to work.
Use your AMS to gather useful data and send targeted, personalized messages to your members. For example, you can use Aptify AMS to collect and analyze data about your members’ interests, behaviors, and career stages. Then, based on your members’ interests and preferences, you can do things like recommend new industry reports or new services offered by your organization that will help them in their specific career stage. 

Showing your members that your association is keeping up with their expectations is a great way to develop loyal members. While balancing personalization and data security might seem trickythe right AMS and a thoughtful approach will get you there.  

Learn more about how Aptify helps you deliver a personalized, secure member experienceExplore Aptify 

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