Last week I attended the Aptify User Conference and came away with lots of new ideas. I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and was glad to have met more Aptify users, partners and staff. It was a great event with a nice balance of networking, professional development, client’s success stories and lessons learned.

I know some of you were not able to join us in person but I wanted to share with you some new stuff we announced at the conference. The Aptify User Community Board of Directors and Aptify Staff have been chatting and asking ourselves some tough questions about our current structure, how we’ve been operating and does this model work as we grow? The outcome was really exciting. Below is a recap of these conversations.

Empowering you to grow and succeed – The User Community’s new core purpose. We want to focus on “you.” A community is about people, we want to focus on you and help you by providing opportunities to learn, network, share and collaborate. We want you to succeed as a person both personally and professionally. After reflecting on this, we noticed this ties in with Aptify’s core purpose, “Changing the world, one client mission at a time.” By helping “you” to succeed, we believe we are helping you fulfill your organization’s mission.

Aptify Connect ( – Our new online community! If you have not already done so, create an account and join us. It’s not often, if ever, we get to meet in person but this offers us the opportunity to be in touch 24/7/365. Our user community spans across continents and is a mix of end users, administrators, developers, partners and Aptify staff. Post a question and someone will have an answer. Post a video or article and someone will find it helpful. The plan is to keep adding content, how to videos, tips & tricks, case studies and more. And, so you can stay connected anytime, there is a mobile app too (Google Play Store | App Store).

Leadership Team – Instead of a Board of Directors that is voted in every two years we want to be more fluid and agile, instead of committees we’ll have task forces or working groups that are more outcome driven, and we want to work openly and offer more volunteer opportunities. Lots of new stuff here and over the next few months, we’ll work to put this in motion and create a transition plan. We’ll post information and have opportunities for your input in Aptify Connect (so remember to create that account).

I’m excited to be part of this transition team and look forward to growing the user community (online) and helping to make you successful.

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