Meet Your AUC2016 Keynotes: Toni Mark

Toni_Mark-1.jpgToni Mark: Chief Technology Officer at American Dental Association (ADA), Purdue graduate, all around web rockstar, and now we’re thrilled to have her as an AUC2016 Keynote Speaker!

Toni is presenting the keynote session on the morning of Wednesday, October 19, titled The Power of Three: The Complexity of Collaboration and Delivery.

Everyone wants to collaborate. It’s a feel-good word! It assumes that everyone is listening to everyone else and the team has each other’s best interests in mind. When it comes to giving something up in the name of collaboration, you can almost hear the gears grinding to a halt. How do you define success and deliver, while keeping everyone on board? The journey of a thousand miles begins with a few key steps. This session provides an overview on a project where the team has the best interests of their members at heart, but has many different ideas and challenges on how to collectively deliver.

Seek More Mark?

Check out some of Toni’s resources below to prepare yourself for the Aptify Users Conference!

The Power of Three Initiative

Toni and the team at ADA felt it was time to offer their members a better online experience, not just on their website, but for the customers of their members—and so the Power of Three Initiative was born. With its 50th website live, the Branded Web Template project launched in October 2014 to give members a consistent online experience while giving dental groups a more cost-effective website design and development.

Website Personalisation

Need a more personal experience for your members? View Toni’s presentation on how to Transform Your Digital Strategy with Web Site Personalization.

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