Meet Your AUC2016 Keynotes: John Mancini

Angie Karpouzis

August 21, 2016

    John Mancini is an author, speaker and respected leader of the AIIM global community of information professionals. He believes that in the next 5 years, a wave of Digital Transformation will sweep through businesses and organisations, and organisations now face a fundamental choice between Information Opportunity and Information Chaos.

    John is bringing this chaos to AUC2016 as a Keynote Speaker.

    John is presenting the keynote session on the afternoon of Monday, October 17, titled Five Things You Need to Know About Digital DisruptionJohn_Mancini.jpg

    The Monomythcollab Principal and AIIM Chief Evangelist will discuss why digital disruption is forcing associations to rethink on-line engagement and create a new engagement model centered around content and conversation.

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    More Mancini?

    Check out some of John’s resources below to prepare yourself for the Aptify Users Conference!


    John is an avid Tweeter and posts on LinkedIn frequently. You can catch his musings  on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as jmancini77.

    7 Tips to Make Information Chaos Worse in Your Organization by @jmancini77

    — John Mancini (@jmancini77) August 21, 2016

     Mancini’s Law

    John is the author of “Mancini’s Law” which states:

    1. Organisations are systems of information networks. They only operate effectively when there are clear and predictable information flows within and between these networks.
    2. 50% annual growth in the volume of digital information means that these networks – and especially the points of connection between them – will become increasingly unstable.
    3. Without intervention, the resulting #infochaos will threaten the viability of the entire system.

    Recent Keynote Topics 

    • Getting Beyond the Hype: 4 Secrets of Effective Content Marketing
    • Information Chaos vs. Information Opportunity: 5 Tips to Survive and Thrive Amidst the Chaos
    • Digital Disruption: 6 Strategies to Avoid Being “Blockbustered”
    • March of the Digital Natives: How to Turn Millennial Madness into Business Advantage


    • Management of organisations undergoing significant financial and programatic change
    • Consensus-building with Boards to create strategic focus, action, and accountability
    • Extensive public speaking and public relations work
    • Background in a variety of chapter models and implementation strategies
    • Conversant and experienced in major technology issues and trends
    • Experienced in both trade and professional non-profit models
    • Experienced in non-profit mergers and acquisitions

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